Shiping County Overview

Shiping County overview is a relatively comprehensive introduction to Shiping County. In this part, you will have a general understanding of Shiping County.

Basic Information

• Full Name: Shiping County

• Chinese Name: 石屏县

• Keywords: Hometown of Tofu

• Location: Honghe Prefecture, Yunnan Province, China

• Area: 3037 square kilometers

• Population: 300,300

• Zip Code: 662200

• Area Code: 0873

Geographical Location

Shiping County is located in Southeast of Yunnan Province, the west of Honghe Autonomous Prefecture. Its geographic coordinate is east longitude 102°08′—102°43′and north latitude 23°19′—24°06′. Shiping county borders Jianshui County in the east, faces Honghe County accross the river in the south, adjoins Yuanjiang County and Xinping County in the west and connects Tonghai County and Eshan County in the north. It is 59 kilometers from east to west, 88 kilometers from south to north, covering an area of 3037 square kilometers. Shiping terrain is characterized by more mountain and less land, alternating mountains and rivers, parallel mountains and valleys and large altitude difference. The highest point, the main peak of Daleng Mountain, is the Laomu Baishan Mountain老母白山, which is 2551.3 meters above sea level, and the lowest point is 259 meters above sea level in the southeast of Shiping county.

Administrative divisions

By the end of 2014, Shiping county has jurisdiction over 7 towns and 2 townships, including Yilong Town异龙镇, Baoxiu Town宝秀镇, Baxin Town坝心镇, Longpeng Town龙朋镇, Longwu Town龙武镇, Shaochong Town哨冲镇, Niujie Town牛街镇, Xincheng Township新城乡 and Daqiao Township大桥乡.

Ethnic Groups

The main ethnic minorities in Shiping County include Yi, Dai, Hani and Hui, which account for about 60% of the whole population. Among them, Yi people have the largest population, taking up 54.44% of total population. Huayao Yi ethnic people花腰彝族 is famous in Shiping County.


Shiping County is located on the low-latitude plateau area with typical monsoon climate and distinct three-dimensional climate. Shiping county belongs to subtropical plateau and mountain monsoon climate. Its annual average temperature is 18.3℃, and annual rainfall is 786-1116 mm. Annual sunshine duration is 2176 hours and average relative humidity is 75%.

The Best Time to Visit Shiping County

Without severe cold in winter and burning hot in summer, Shiping county has a warm and comfortable climate all year round. So four seasons are good for traveling. But in the most places of Honghe Prefecture, the best time to visit is March to April and September to December. At that time, the weather is clear and warm.

Top Attractions

Attractions in Shiping County are the combination of cultural landscapes and natural landscapes. There are provincial culture relic protection sites, the Former Residence of Yuan Jiagu, Yuping Academy, Laihe Pavillion, Ancestral Temple of Zheng Family, Folk House of Chen Family, as well as national culture relic protection sites, Qihe Tower and Ancestral Temple of Chen Family in Shiping County. Otherwise, main natural landscapes in Shiping county are Shiping Xiushan Mountain石屏秀山, Yilong lake and various traditional ethnic villages.


You have two ways to get in Shiping County, long-distance bus and train. Non-stop long-distance buses are available, but non-stop train is not available since there are no railway station. If you want to take train, you should transfer in Jianshui County.

Recommended Hotels in Shiping County

1. Shiping Tianyi Hotel石屏天逸酒店

Address: Jishi(Jijie-Shiping) Express Highway, Shiping County石屏县鸡石高速路

Tel: 0873-4851777

Starting Price: 296 CNY

2. Shiping Mingdian Holiday Hotel石屏名典假日酒店

Address: Near Zhouya Old Street, Yilong Town, Shiping County石屏县异龙镇州衙老街旁

Tel: 0873-4846188/0873-4846199

Starting Price: 124 CNY

3. Shiping Jianyuan Hotel石屏建源酒店

Address: Near Gaochong Reservoir, Shiping County石屏县高冲水库

Tel: 0873-4863877

Starting Price: 260 CNY


Shiping county has superior natural conditions and abundant resources. Due to sufficient sunshine and rainfall, it has the advantage of developing tropical and subtropical fruits, like Lychee, Orange, Bayberry, Kiwi and so on. Shiping county is called "Hometown of Citrus", "Hometown of Bayberry", "A Land of Abundance", "Hometown of Tofu", "Hometown of Song and Dance".

History and Culture in Shiping County.