Shuhe Ancient Town Shopping

1.Tourist Souvenirs

All kinds of featured shops in the old town are crowded. You can see popular tourist souvenirs of all over the country here. You can also find local Naxi jewelry and clothes. 

2.Pu-Er tea

The teahouses in Shuhe Old Town are quieter than those in other old towns. There are a lot of tea cakes of cooked Pu-Er tea. It is recommended to buy tea cakes at a moderate price.


The famous "Dali Duan's Dyeing Shop" is located in the ancient town of Shuhe. The front of this house is a shop and the backyard is the workshop. The price of a tie-dyed scarf is only about 10 RMB, which could be a beautiful and affordable gift for friends.

4.Leather Products

Shuhe Old Town was once famous for its developed leather working and education, which can date back to Ming Dynasty. 

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