Tiger Leaping Gorge Culture

This part mainly introduces the Tiger Leaping Gorge Culture including the information of Ethnic Minorities, Ethnic Cuisine, Religions, Festivals, etc. The people that live in the region are Naxi and Tibetan ethnic groups, who can be found in Lijiang and Shangri-La.

Hiking Culture of Tiger Leaping Gorge

Trekking is an activity in which people take multi-day hiking trips through rural, often rugged territory. Many people who are trekkers engage in longer trips through entire regions of the world, using trekking as a way of getting from place to place. It also can be incorporated with other outdoor sports, such as rock climbing or backpacking.

Hiking is different from other types of travel for several reasons. It tends to be less structured than other sorts of travel, because weather conditions and topography can influence trekkers' travel plans more than plane flights or hotel availability. As travelers move on foot through rural areas, trekking gives them an up-close view of the scenery. Many trekkers travel through isolated areas and get a travel experience that is much different from that of people who travel in organized groups to popular destinations. This often allows trekkers to interact with nature while doing things such as climbing a rock wall or navigating through a mountain range.

Religion Culture

The main ethnic groups in Tiger Leaping Gorge are the Naxi people and Tibetan people. The religion of Tibetan is also dominated by Tibetan Buddhism. Entering Hutiaoxia Town, mounds of mani stones and streamers of prayer flags can be seen everywhere. The Naxi people has their own original religious Dongba religion.

Cuisine Culture

Tiger Leaping Gorge is mainly located in Shangri-La, 60 kilometers away from Lijiang with a complex topography, changeable climate and abundant natural resources. When hiking around, wonder about what and where to Eat in Tiger Leaping Gorge? The most famous Tiger Leaping Gorge Food are vegetables. The people pay attention to refreshing of the food in Tiger Leaping Gorge. The cuisine of meat is mainly focus on baking and stewing. Don’t miss some local food like Lijiang Baba.

Ethnic Groups in Tiger Leaping Gorge

Nearby Tiger Leaping Gorge, the main ethnic groups are Naxi and Tibetan. Tourist can taste the traditional food and explore their unique culture, including the unique local operas, dances, music and other art forms.

Ethnic Festivals in Tiger Leaping Gorge

The The main inhabitants are Tibetan people and Naxi people. Among them, Naxi people are mainly distributed in the Upper Section of Tiger Leaping Gorge(Lijiang Section) and Tibetan people are mainly distributed in the main part of Tiger Leaping Gorge, namely, Shangri-La, especially Hutiaoxia Town. Therefore, the main festivals and activities will introduce the traditional festivals and activities of Naxi people and Tibetan people.

Festivals of Naxi People

Festivals of Tibetan People