Weishan County Climate

Weishan County is part of the southern extension of the Yunling Hengduan Mountains. It is located in the northern part of the Ailao Mountain and the Wuliang Mountain, and faces the Cangshan Mountain in Dali. The altitude difference is very large, with the lowest elevation of the river valley is 1146 meters, and the highest elevation of the mountain is 3037 meters.

Weishan County belongs to the north subtropical plateau monsoon climate. Except for some cold areas in the mountains and low-heat areas in the valleys, most of the areas are all seasons. The average annual temperature in Lushan County is 15.6 °C, the total annual sunshine hours is 2320 hours, the total solar radiation is 5892 megajoules, the annual average rainfall is 800 mm, the wind direction is mostly southwest wind, and the maximum wind speed is 20 meters per second.

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