Xiangyun County Shopping

To people who are the first time to a new place, they want to buy the things that can represent the local culture and show the local features.This article introduces the shopping in Xiangyunnn County and tell you what to buy in Xiangyun County.

1.The Grass Plaiting of Dali 

The grass plaiting is a traditional handicraft art that folks hand down in Dali, the category is numerous, the resource is abundant, each difference of assortment, became the different characteristics of each race. It mainly has the traditional valley grass, straw, the palm tree silk...etc.

2. Sisters Seven Spicy

Series local spicy foods.(糊辣,油辣,豆豉,酱辣子,豆瓣酱,腌豆腐,辣牲)

3. Bai Ethnic Satchel

Embroidered bags of this cuboid-like kind are popular among the Bai ethnic people. Traditional patterns embroidered on them include lotus flowers, fat infants, birds and many other auspicious tokens. Most of Bai ethnic satchels are also decorated with sachets.


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