Xuanwei Overview

 1.Basic information

Chineses name: 宣威

Location: East of Yunnan 

Language: Southwestern Mandarin - Yunnan Dialect

Population: 1,529,500

Nationalities: Han, Yi, Miao, Hui

Area: 6069.88 square kilometers

Zip code: 655400

Area code: 0874

2.Geographical Location

Xuanwei City is located in the northeastern part of Yunnan province. It is Located at 103°35′- 104°40′longitude east, 25°53′- 26°44′latitude north, adjacent to Panxian in Guizhou Province in the east, Zhanyi County in the south, across Niulan River to Huize County in the west, and Weining County in Guizhou Province in the north, 260 km from Kunming City, the provincial capital. The total area is 6069.88 square kilometers. It accounts for about 1.58% of the total area of Yunnan. The city is 102 kilometers away from the Qujing municipal government and 204 kilometers away from Kunming. It is a county-level city under the jurisdiction of Qujing, Yunnan province.


The Wumeng Mountains and the flowing water of the Beipan River breed this luxuriant and massive red fertile land. And the famous town of northeastern Yunnan, Xuanwei, which is the hometown of Deng Xiaoping’ wife, Zhuolin, which enjoys the reputation of "entering the first pass in Yunnan" and "the hometown of ham".


Xuanwei was called Wanwen in the Han Dynasty, and it belonged Zhanyi Prefecture in the Ming Dynasty, Xuanwei Prefecture in the Qing Dynasty, Xuanwei County in the Republic of China, Rongfeng County in 1954, Xuanwei County in 1958, and Xuanwei City in 1994. The long history has endowed the red land with rich cultural heritage, and the typical plateau karst landform has bred wonderful scenery. As early as the Neolithic Era, there has left a footprint of ancestors - Geyi Jianjiaodong cultural site. During the great unification period of the Qin Dynasty, Xuanwei first opened the "five feet road", and the Central Plains had access to Yunnan.

5.Administrative Division

The administrative division of Xuanwei city is simple, Xuanwei includes 8 districts,20 towns, namely: Wanshui District(宛水街道), Xining District(西宁街道), Shuanglong District(双龙街道), Hongqiao District(虹桥街道), Laibin District(来宾街道), Banqiao District(板桥街道), Fenghuang District(凤凰街道), Fenghua District(丰华街道), Changtang Town(倘塘镇), Tianba Town(田坝镇), Yangchang Town(羊场镇), Geyi Town(格宜镇),Longchang Town(龙场镇), Haidai Town(海岱镇), Luoshui Town(落水镇), Wude Town(务德镇), Longtan Town(龙潭镇), Baoshan Town(宝山镇), Dongshan Town(东山镇), Reshui Town(热水镇), Delu Town(得禄乡), Puli Town(普立乡), Xize Town(西泽乡), Yangliu Town(杨柳乡), Shuanghe Town(双河乡), Lefeng Town(乐丰乡), Wenxing Town(文兴乡), Adu Town(阿都乡).

6.Ethnic Groups

The city's ethnic minority population reached 107,400, accounting for 7.07% of the total population, including: 73,200 Yi people, 0.21 million Zhuang, 0.56 million Miao, and 21,800 Hui.


The precipitation is concentrated. It is clear that there are wet seasons and dry seasons, The average annual temperature is 13.4 °C, the highest annual average temperature is 14.6 °C, the lowest annual average temperature is 12.7 °C, and the annual difference is 1.9 °C. The average annual sunshine for many years is 2018.5 hours, and the percentage of sunshine is 47%. The maximum number of sunshine is 2369.1 hours, at least 1805.1 hours, and the difference is 564 hours; the maximum month is March 229.9 hours, and the minimum month is September 126.2 hours.

8.Best time to visit Xuanwei city

The climate in Xuanwei city is quite warm. People can come to Xuanwei in Spring and Summer to enjoy the beautiful sceneries. And Spring is the most popular time for the local people to celebrate all kinds of festivals.


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Xuanwei is a region where the Central Plains culture and the frontier culture merged earlier. It has rich history and culture, diverse dietary customs and unique dietary flavor.

11.Top Attractions

The tourist resources of Xuanwei City are abundant. There are many attractions in Xuanwei city such as Dongshan Park (provincial tourist attractions), Wan Shui Park, Meihuan Mountain Park, Kedu ancient town, Laibin Dragon Cave, Western Hill Forest Park, Big Xiangshui, the sunrise of banyan peak and so on. The special product "Xuanwei ham" is famous at home and abroad.