Yangbi County Dining

People who take a tour to Yangbi never forget to taste the food in Yangbi town. As a town having various Chinese ethnic minorities, the local food is different from the one in other places. All the foods in Yangbi feature local culture of ethnic minorities, and all the materials are from this place. It is the creation of local people and the work of human wisdom. This article will take you into the local life to discover the stunning food in this Yunnan township.All the foods talked about below are the representatives of local food and the essence of local food culture. They are also the top recommended ones to tourists who will be or have been in Yangbi.

 1.  Yangbi Roasted Lamb

Yangbi Yi Nationality Autonomous County is located in the middle part of Dali Prefecture where there resides Yi Nationality, Han Nationality, Hui Nationality and another 17 peoples within the territory. Besides, black goats in the west of Canshan Mountain,Yi Nationality Roasted Complete Lamb is the greatest special there.About 1,600 yuan per lamb.

2.  Yangbi Rice Vermicelli

Yangbi Rice Vermicelli is made from white and delicate rice,cast walnut sauce,sprinkle with vegetable slice and chili oil.The whole vermincelli wrapped into a roll.Fine texture,sweet and sour.About 5 Yuan per roll.

3. Yangbi Walnut

The walnut of Yangbi County has a long planting history, and features "large in size, thin shell, kernel in white, sweet flavor, high kernel ratio and rich nutrition".

4.Yangbi Walnut Milk

Select high quality walnuts as raw materials,containing natural plant protein,healthy drink.

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