Yiliang County (Zhaotong) Shopping

Yiliang county is rich in natural resources. You can find many kinds of local specialties in the local market. Usually, in each town, the markets are opened three days a time, and in the county seat, markets are opened everyday. If you don’t know what to buy in these local market, some local specialties are listed as follow:


Gastrodia elate Blume medicinal wine hasextensive applied prospect. The southern Gastrodia elata from Yunnan Province has no schizandrin B while northern Gastrodia elata has.


Dendrobium, as a valuable and expensiveChinese herb, has attracted great attention in China and abroad in recent years.
Dendrobium cariniferum live only in Yunnan Province in China, so it was greatly significance to research its genetic diversity.


Agrocybe is a genus of mushrooms in the family Strophariaceae. Some species arepoisonous. The genus has a widespread distribution, and contains about 100 species.

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