Yimen County Shopping

Yimen county is rich in local products, you can buy all kinds of native specialties like Chinese chestnut, Yimen Doushi, Nanman Wine, and you can find these specialties in those local markets in Yimen county. Usually, markets in towns and townships are opened three days a time, and markets in the county seat are opened everyday.  Some  local products are listed as follow:

What to Buy in Yimen County

Sesame slicesSesame slices, Yuxi(玉溪芝麻片)

The main ingredients are superior white sesame, white sugar of high quality, glucose, refined oil and so on. It is made by special technique. The characters include bright color, transparent nature while towards the light, thin and even slices, crisp and delicious taste and so on.

Yuxi TobaccoYuxi Tobacco Leaf(玉溪烟草)

As we all know, Yuxi is one of the most important tobacco producing area in China. Hongta Group is located in the prefecture-level city.  Yuxi  tobacco leaf is produced in all eight counties and one district of Yuxi prefecture, it is the only material of Yuxi Cigarette. There is a saying in Yuxi prefecture, most tobacco leaf of China is in Yunnan, and the hometown of most Yunnan Cigarette is Yuxi.

Yimen Cardamom(易门豆豉)
Yimen Cardamom is a specialty of Yunnan Yimen. It is famous for its color, fragrance and taste. As one of the three treasures of Yimen, the appetite is greatly increased with your eyes looking at it. After putting into mouth, the fragrance is sweet and tender, which makes people feel good.

Yimen Wild Edible Mushroom(易门野生菌)
Yimen, the famous hometown of wild mushrooms in the country, has a variety of wild bacteria such as dried bacteria, pine mushrooms, chicken mites and porcini mushrooms in the forest of more than 1.71 million mu in the county. Among them, 71 species have been developed. The average annual production of edible fungi is about 5,000 tons, attracting tourists from all directions.

Where to Buy in Yimen County

You can go shopping in the local shops and markets to buy them.

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