Yongshan County Culture

There are 26 different ethnic groups inhabit in Yongshan county, among them, Yi, Zhuang, Miao and Hui ethnic minorities are dominant. These ethnic groups are vital parts of Yongshan county.

Ethnic town

There are 2 ethnic towns in Yongshan county, which are Manan Miao ethnic town(马楠苗族彝族乡) and Wuzhai Yi ethnic town(伍寨彝族苗族乡).

Traditional ethnic village

There are 2 traditional ethnic villages in Yongshan County of Zhaotong, which are Yimagou Village of Daxing Town and Danyi Village of Wuji Town.


1.Torch Festival

Every lunar year, on June 24th, the Yi ethnic minority celebrate their national festival—the Torch Festival.

2.Dancing Flower Festival

During the festival, the Miao ethnic minority dressed up to gather in the traditional dancing ground. Young men and women danced in the center of the flower poles.