Yongsheng County Dining

The beauty of Yongsheng Coutny is a haunting and the local food makes people intoxicated too, such as the Sanchuan Ham, black-bone chicken, silverfish, oil-tea.

1.Sanchuan Ham(三川火腿)

Without preservative and additive, Sanchuan Ham is a traditional food with over 400 years history.  It is low salt and low nitrite. 

2.Spiral Seaweed(螺旋藻)

Spirulina is one of the most original species on the earth, which possesses rich and varied nutrients. The Chenghai Lake in Yongsheng Country, Yunnan Province is one of the three famous lakes in the world that can Spirulina naturally grow.

3. Black-bone Chicken(他留乌骨鸡)

Taliu people, living in the Guanjin Pass of ancient tea horse road - Taliu village for generations, not only created a brilliant culture, but also cultivate unique Taliu black-bone chicken.

4. Chenghai Lake Silverfish

The silverfish is a special product of Chenghai Lake. With tender meat and white color, its is rich in protein and low in fat. Besides, it also contains a variety of micronutrients and calcium, which is a kind of fish with high nutritional value.

5.Taoyuan Noodles

Known as "Taliu chicken, Taoyuan noodles", Taoyuan noodles are really delicious. It is smooth and full of wheat incense.

6. Termite Mushroom

Termite Mushroom is outstanding among various fungi in Lijiang. Among the four places of Yongsheng, Huaping, Ninglang and Lijiang, Yongsheng produces the most with excellent taste.

7. Oil Tea

Oil Tea is a special product of Yongsheng County. Each family of Yongsheng has oil tea, which is treated not only the ordinary water to quench thirst, but also refreshing the spirit. Because of the simple raw materials and convenient procedures, it becomes a popular drink.

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