Yubeng Village Climate

The information on Yubeng climate could be helpful for preparing a Yubeng hiking tour. The climate in Yubeng enjoys a cold temperate mountain monsoon climate. 

Features of Yubeng Climate

The climate in Yubeng is greatly affected by altitude, but not obvious by latitude. As the altitude rises, the temperature decreases and the precipitation increases.


The four seasons of Yubeng are not distinct, but the dry and wet seasons are distinct. The winter is long and the summer is short. The precipitation in the rainy season from May to October is large, accounting for about 70% of the annual precipitation, and the annual average precipitation is about 800mm.


The annual average temperature is about 4.7°C, the annual maximum temperature is 25.1°C, the minimum temperature is -27.4 °C, the sunshine duration is 1980.7 hours, and the sunshine percentage is 4.5.

Frost Season

The average first frost is on September 30, and the final frost is on May 23. The earliest frost is on August 28, and the latest frost is on June 12. The frost period is generally 236 days per year, and the frost free period is only 129 days.

What to Pack For Yubeng Village Travel

In Yubeng, tourists can only hike to each attractions currently. So it is necessary to wear a pair of fully water-proof mountaineering shoes. It is recommended to wear outdoor jacket and waterproof pants. You can wear a single layer in spring and a fleece inside in fall. 

Hiking Equipment

Yubeng lies at the foot of the snow mountain. The climate is changeable, and tourists can only hike to each attractions currently. Good gear can help you have a better Yubeng tour. 

  • Hiking Backpack: It is essential. You need to carry personal clothing, drinking water, camera and food when you go to the Ice Lake and Sacred Waterfall on foot. 30L-40L hiking bag is enough. 
  • Outdoor Jacket and Waterproof Pants: You can wear a single layer in spring and a fleece inside in fall. 
  • Change of Clothes: Quick-drying clothes with short and long sleeves, and sweat absorbing cotton socks. Since you have less time to do laundry on the road and the clothes don't dry easily. You should bring extra clothes. 
  • Trekking Shoes: Shoes must be completely waterproof. May to October is the rainy season, the mountain road in Yubeng may be full of water from time to time. 
  • Medicines: Antibiotic drugs, antiviral drug, respiratory medications, digestive medicine, motion sickness drug, antiallergic agent, heatstroke preventive, cold medication, rhodiola rosea and so on. Drugs can be carried selectively according to individual physical conditions and needs. 
  • Other Articles: Trekking pole, solid food, sleeping bag/tent, hair dryer, camera, cell phone, standby battery, wet tissue, flashlight, water bottle, Id card, sun cream, gloves, cash, toilet articles, waterproof bag, etc. 

Best Time to Visit Yubeng Village

The best time to visit Yubeng Village include three time periods, May to July, September to October, and middle October to early November. Each time period in Yubeng can bring you a different experience. In addition, there will be snow on the road in December, and the mountain pass is likely to be sealed Because of heavy snow around the Spring Festival, so it is not recommended to go hiking after December. 

  • May-July: The lush trees and azalea all over the mountains are very pleasant to look at, but June and July are rainy seasons, making the mountain roads difficult to walk. 
  • September-October: The buckwheat flowers are blooming and the wolf drug flowers turn red. In this time, Yubeng village becomes a sea of flowers, the scenery is pleasant. 
  • Middle October to Early November: In Autumn, the mountians around Yubeng village are in golden. It is also the most beautiful season to see Meili Snow Mountain.

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