Yulong County Climate

Yulong County enjoys the plateau monsoon climate of low latitude of South Asia. The elevation difference within the territory is large, ranging from 1300 meters(along the Jinsha river) to 5596 meters(Yulong Snow mountain). There are four types: high-cold, low-warm, middle-cool and middle-warm.

In most regions, the annual temperature fluctuation and variation range is small, while the diurnal temperature difference is large, with distinct dry and wet seasons. There isn't obvious four seasons, only small changes in temperature. The annual average temperature is 12.6 ℃, annual sunshine duration is 2463.4 hours, average annual rainfall is 800.6 mm. May to October is the rainy season, accounting for more than 80% of the annual rainfall, especially July and August. Frost-free period is 200 days.

Any time during the year is suitable for traveling Yulong County of Lijiang. However, spring and winter is the best time to view Jade Dragon Snow Mountain for the weather is clear and the mountain is covered with heavy snow.

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