Yunxian County Overview

Basic Information

Chinese Name: 云县

Location: Southwest of Yunnan Province, northeast of Lincang City.

Area: 3760 square kilometers

Population: 450,000(in 2010)

Language: Yunnan dialect

Geographical position

Yunxian county is located in the northeast of Lincang city, the junction of Dali, Pu’er and Lincang. It is 457 kilometers away from Kunming, the provincial capital of Yunnan province and 80 kilometers away from Lincang city.

Most of mountains in Yunxian county are in the northwest – southeast direction, the terrain in east and west is high, the middle part is slightly lower, the relative elevation difference is 2350 meters. The highest point is the snow mountain at the junction of Yunxian county and Linxiang district, which is 3429 meters above sea level. The lowest point is the Nanting Riverside in Banghong Village, Xingfu town, which is 748 meters above sea level.

The landform of Yunxian County can be divided into three types: valley basin, wide valley area and canyon area.

Administrative Divisions

There are 7 towns and 5 townships.

7 towns: Aihua Town(爱华镇), Manwan Town(漫湾镇), Dachaoshan Town(大朝山西镇), Yongbao Town(涌宝镇), Maolao Town(茂兰镇), Xingfu Town(幸福镇) Dazhai Town(大寨镇),

5 townships: Manghuai Yi and Bulang Ethnic Town(忙怀彝族布朗族乡), Xiaojie Townships( 晓街乡), Chafang Townships(茶房乡), Lishu Yi and Dai Ethnic Town(栗树彝族傣族乡), Houqing Yi Ethnic Town(后箐彝族乡).


Yunxian County belongs to low latitude plateau subtropical monsoon climate and warm temperate monsoon climate. Its annual average temperature is 19.1℃. Yunxian county is a city where tour is available all year around, however, the best time to visit there is from February to October. Because there are many festivals and activities of ethnic minority groups, and plenty of fruits and flowers during these month.

Top Attractions

1. Cultural landscapes: ChangAn Bridge(茂兰长安桥), Wenbi Pagoda(文笔塔), Huiying Mosque(回营清真寺)

2. Natural landscapes: Liangshan Mountain and Tianchi Lake(亮山天池), Dabingshan Nature Reserve(大丙山自然保护区), Baiyingshan Ancient Tea Museum白莺山古茶自然博物馆)

3. Hot springs: Dakongbeng Hot Spring(大控蚌温泉), Yongbao Hot Spring(涌宝温泉), Maolan Hot Spring(茂兰温泉)

4. Hydropower stations: Manwan Hydropower station(漫湾电站) and Dachaoshan Hydropower station(大朝山电站).

5. Traditional ethnic villages: Houqing Village(后箐村) and Xiyi Village and Lancang-Mekong River(澜沧江昔宜村)


1. When you plan to get to Yunxian County, you can take Long-distance bus from Kunming to Yunxian County. Or you can take plane from Kunming to Lincang, then transfer to Long-distance bus.

2. If you intend to get around Yunxian County, Taxi is easily available. If time permits, Walking around is also not a bad choice.

Ethnic culture

Both located in Xingfu town(幸福乡), the Limi(俐侎人, an Yi subgroup) and Dai(傣族) preserve their own traditional clothing and language. There are profound national Customs in Yunxian county, Limi Dage of Yi subgroup(彝族俐侎打歌), pilgrimage to a mountain of Yi(彝族朝山会), Bath Festival of Limi(俐侎澡塘会).


Almost every town and township has their own Kindergarten, Primary School and Middle School in Yunxian county. Some Schools like Yunxian County the First Middle School, Yunxian County Ethnic Middle School are famous in Yunxian county.

Local Specialty

There are not a few specialties in Yunxian county, white flower papaya, Yongbao winter radish, rice noodle, Shutoucai(树头菜) etc, among them, chicken rice noodle is famous in Yunnan.


Yunxian county is a county under the jurisdiction of Lincang prefecture, Yunnan province, China. Yunxian county has a long history and culture. The discovery of Manghuai site of neolithic period(忙怀新石器遗址)has proved that human inhabited here thousands of years ago. During Yuan dynasty, Yunxian county was the part of Shunning Prefecture(顺宁府). Ming dynasty Xuande the 3rd year(明宣德3年, in 1428) established Da Hou Yu Yi prefecture(大候御夷州), Ming dynasty Wanli the 25th year(明万历25年, in 1597), it is called Yunzhou prefecture(云州).


Major economic industries are nut, walnut, White flowers papaya, red lac, flue-cured tobacco, tea, sucrose, beer, liquor and spirit etc. There are 4 varieties, 14 kinds of ferrous metal, nonferrous metal, chemical industry and fuel in Yunxian County. In 2013, GDP of Yunxian county reached 8.28 billion yuan.