Yunxian County Shopping

In this part, specialties in Yunxian county will be introduced. You can get some information about local specialties, and know where to buy them.

What to Buy

1. Lancang River Beer and Maoliang Spirit(澜沧江啤酒和茅粮酒)

Yunnan Lancang River Wine Industry Group and Yunnan Maoliang Wine Industry Group, the two major groups occupy half of Yunnan wine industry,which make Yunxian county become well-known hometown of wine.

You can purchase wine in supermarket and liquor stores like Fayang Liquor Wholesale Department(发扬酒类批发部), the address is west ring road in Yunxian county(云县环城西路).

2. White Warbler Mountain Tea(白莺山茶)

The White warbler mountain is named for its perennial roosting of warblers. It is located in the middle of Dabing mountain in Manwan town, Yunxian county, between 1800 and 2300 meters above sea level. As a natural museum of tea tree evolution, there are more than a dozen varieties of tea trees, such as wild type, transitional type and cultivated type. It is a pilgrimage site for tea lovers

3. Pure Honey

In Yongbao town, Yunxian county, pure honey is produced by farmers themselves. In order to maintain the original taste and flavor of honey, farmers preserve the honey with honeycomb without addictive.

4. White flower Pawpaw(白花木瓜)

Papaya is a traditional product in temperate regions of China. It is both a vegetable and a medicine. Papaya, one of the geographical symbols of Yunnan, is produced in Yunxian county, Lincang city, Yunnan province. It has become a featured agricultural product in local historical development and an important agricultural industry for local farmers to increase their income and get rich.

5. Bulang Tile Roof Hat(布朗族瓦房帽)

Bulang Tile Roof Hat(布朗族瓦房帽) in Yunxian county has a long history, it shows the blessings and love for descendants. It imitates the roof of the tile-roofed house, so called tile roof hat. It is an arts and crafts with strong Bulang characteristics and it is valuable and significant to the protect the traditional folk culture.

Where to buy

1. Xinxing Shopping Supermarket(新兴购物超市)

Address: national Road 214, Yunxian County(云县214国道)

2. Jialifu Supermarket(嘉利富超市)

Address: Yunzhong Road, Yunxian County(云县云中路)

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