Changning County Overview

1.Basic Information

  • Population: 353,786(2016)
  • Nationalities: mainly Han, Yi, Dai
  • Area: about 3,888 square kilometers
  • Zip code: 678100
  • Area code: 0875


Changning County is located in western Yunnan Province, which belongs to Baoshan City. It is a young multi-ethnic mountainous agricultural county, located in the junction of western Yunnan Dali, Lincang and Baoshan. It has a mountainous area of 97.05%. Located in eastern longitude 99 ° 16'-100 ° 12 ', northern latitude 20 ° 14'-25 ° 12', to the east of Fengqing, west of Longyang District, Shidian County, south across the river with Yongde County, north of Yongping, Yangbi, Weishan County.

3.Administrative Division

As of 2017, Changning county has jurisdiction over 9 towns(Tianyuan Town(田园镇), Mangshui Town(漭水镇), Kejie Town(柯街镇),Kasi Town(卡斯镇), Mengtong Town(勐统镇), Wenquan Town(温泉镇), Datianba Town(大田坝镇), Jifei Town(鸡飞镇), Wengdu Town(翁堵镇)), 4 townships(Gengjia Township(更戛乡), Wandian Dai Ethnic Township(湾甸傣族乡), Zhujie Yi Ethnic Township(珠街彝族乡), Goujie Yi Ethnic Township(苟街彝族苗族乡)) and 2 farms(Wandian Farm(湾甸农场), Kejie Huaqiao Farm(柯街华侨农场)). The government seat is located in Tianyuan Town(田园镇).

4.Ethnic People

There are 7 ethnic minorities living in Changning County for generations, including Yi, Dai, Miao, Blang, Hui, Bai, Lusi, which accounts for 98.8% of the whole ethnic people. Besides, there are non-native Jingpo, Hani, Achang, Buyi, Jing, Tibetan, Yao, Dong, Zhuang, Nu and Manchu minorities.

5.Climate and Weather

Changning climate is warm and temperate. There is more rainfall in the winter than that in the summer. It enjoys the subtropical monsoon climate, with four climate zones of low heat, warm heat, cool-warm and high cold. The average temperature in Changning is 16.7 °C. Precipitation here averages 1029 mm.

6.Best Time to Visit

Without severe cold in winter and burning hot in summer, Changning county has a warm and comfortable climate all year round. So four seasons are good for traveling.

7.Things to Do

Changning county boasts unique tourism resources. There are more than 20 scenic spots in the county, such as Jifei Hot Spring, Kejie Olive River Hot Spring, Xiaqiao Hot Spring, Longtan Temple, Qingling Temple, etc. With beautiful scenery, distinct four seasons and pleasant weather, it is an ideal place for tourism.

8.How to Get to Changning

The main means of transportation in Changning county is the long-distance bus. You can also take the flight to Baoshan and then take the bus to Changning. The transportation in Changning County is extremely convenient , you can take the bus in the town to where you want to go.


The county of Changning was set up in the 22nd year of the republic of China (1933). Although it was set late, the neolithic and bronze ware unearthed in recent years showed that early in the late primitive society, the ancestors of all ethnic groups had been living here, absorbing and creating the splendid ancient culture of the motherland.