Changning County Culture

The culture of Changning County is polychrome and attractive. You can feel its splendid culture in many aspects:

1. Bronze Culture: The Group believes that the Dadianshan cemetery in Changning is the significant archaeological discovery in Yunnan even nationally, and also a major archaeological discovery of the East Zhou, Qin and Han. Unique buried soil cave and a lot of unique bronzes were discovered in Dadianshan site. Dadianshan bronze culture is an important witness to the rich history of Changning heritage.

2. The ancient Tea Horse Road culture (Millennium Tea Village business culture): The industries of Changning have unique characteristics, especially the tea planting which has a long history of cultivation so that it formed a unique industrial culture. The branch of the ancient Tea Horse Road passed through Changning and made an effect on Changning’s tea culture. In 2003, Changning was named “Tea Culture Creation Base in Yunnan Province”.

3. Multicolored costumes “Miao(苗)” paints Fun: Changning Miao clothing is a indelible mark of Yunnan minorities’ clothing culture. Since Miao lived in a distant corner of the southwest border of the mountains, the production process of Miao clothing so far has been relatively complete retention.

4. There are 23 cultural projects planned and carried out by the “Thirteen Five” Program.