Daguan County Overview

Basic information

Chineses name: 大关

Location: In the northeast of Yunnan and northwest of Zhaotong

Language: Southwestern Mandarin - Yunnan Dialect


Nationalities: Han, Yi, Miao, Hui

Area: 1692 square kilometers

Zip code: 657400

Geographical Location

Daguan county(大关县) is located in the northeast of Yunnan province, the nuclear region of Zhaotong city. It is 69 kilometers away from its’ Administrative Branch- Zhaotong and 534 kilometers away from Kunming. Daguan county bordering Yanjin county in the northeast, Yiliang county in the southeast, Zhaotong city in the south and Yongshan county in the northwest. It stretches 43.7 kilometers from east to west and 73.2 kilometers from north to south, and the geographical area is 1692 square kilometers with the population of 270 thousand.


Dahuan county is one of the producing area of raw lacquer in Yunnan province. It is abundant in hydro-enenrgy, coal and other specialties. It also teems with flue-cured tobacco and Eucommia ulmoidies(杜仲)-a kind of nourishing medicinal material. The mountains in Daguan county belongs to Himalayas Wumeng mountain range and Wulian mountain range. The main peak have 73 mountains, among them, and 37 mountains belong to Wumeng mountain range, and the altitude is 1764-2785 meters, and 36 mountains belong to Wulian Montain range, and the elevation is 1716-2656. There are 137 scenic spots in Daguan county, including Huanlianhe Waterfall, Qinglong Karst cave, Luohanba Virgin Forest, Sanjiangkou Natural Reserved Area, Yuntaishan Ancient Path, and the total area is about 220 square kilometers. Among them, the State AA grade Huanglian River Scenic area is of 107 square kilometers, and there are 47 waterfall inside the scenic spot, and it enjoys the reputation of “the Hometown of Waterfall”.


As early as the Neolithic Age, human beings had left footprints on this land. In Qin Dynasty, and the “Five-chi Road” and the “Shimen Road” had connected the north and south, and the Central Plains immigrants came out respondedly, and the treeless land was developed. The mountain is steep, and the ravines are everywhere, and the three-dimensional climate is obvious. The whole city has overlapping risks and the town is sturdy. The “Grand Pass” is named because of these.

Administrative Division

There are 8 towns and 1 ethnic township in Daguan County.

Cuihua Town(翠华镇),Yuwan Town(玉碗镇), Jili Town(吉利镇), Tianxing Town(天星镇), Mugan Town(木杆镇), Yuele Town(悦乐镇), Gaoqiao Town(高桥镇), Shang Gaoqiao Hui, Yi and Miao Ehnic Town(上高桥回族彝族苗族乡)

Ethnic Groups 

Like many other places in Yunnan province, Daguan county has many ethnic groups in its’ area, and Hui, Miao, Yi ethnic minorities are dominant. Except these groups, there are still 19 different minorities, like Zang, Zhuang, Dai ethnic minorities and so on.


The diversity of air temperature on level is not obvious, but distinct on vertical. In addition, the differences between seasons are not sharp. The annual average temperature is 14.5℃, the annual average sunshine is 966 hours and the precipitation is 991.3 mm. there are about 308 days without frost. The annual average wind speed is 1.3m/s.

Best Time to Visit

People can go to Daguan for every season, and people can see different sceneries in different seasons. If you want drink the new tea, you can get there in May.


Daguan county has a convenient transportation system. There is a train station in which people can take the trains depart from Kunming or trains go to Kunming. There are also long-distance buses, taxi, buses and minibus. In addition, Daguan Train Station plays an important role in Daguan’s transportation system.


Daguan county(大关县) lies beside Zhaotong city, the eating pattern of Daguan people is influenced by Zhaotong people deeply, at the same time, it has its’ own characteristics.

Top Attractions

There are some Daguan county attactions for you to visit, such as Huanglianhe River Scenic Area, Luohanba Forest Park, Waterfalls of Huanglianhe River, Puxian Temple and Yuwan Waterfall.