Daguan County Culture

Daguan county has a long history of more than 2000 years, in the process of developing, it has formed it’s own culture- a combination of central Yunnan culture, Bashsu  culture(巴蜀文化) and Miao people’s culture. Among them, culture of Miao people is bright star.

Flower Festival of Miao People(苗族花山节)

Flower festival is the grandest festival of Miao people. During the festival, people singing and dancing, performing archery, matching horse and holding some other activities. Except for these activities, the traditional craft and the folk custom of Miao people is also a splendid scenery. There are 6sites to hold the festival in Daguan county. Every year, on July 15, 3000 Miao people from Daguan, Yongshan and Yanjin county come to celebrate the festival. On that day, Miao people propose a toast to guests come from far, show their gratitude to the concern of local government by their dance, and praise the great change of Miao regions since the reform and open up. The flower festival makes great efforts to the development of local cultural tourism.