Guangnan County Overview


Guangnan County locates on the southeast of Yunnan Province, in the north of Wenshan, bordering among Yunnan, Guangxi and Guiyang. Enjoying the magnificent karst landscape, charming scenery and colorful ethnic culture, Guangnan is the important tourist destination in Wenshan Prefecture. There are many attractions in Guangnan, especially Bamei. Bamei, isolated and mysterious, is an idyllic Zhuang Village, which was forgotten by the outside world for long time. If you are tired of the busy life, start your trip and find the paradise here. The traditional and untarched ethnic village will give you answer.


Basic Information

  • Chinese Name: 广南县 
  • English Name: Guangnan County
  • Population:  796,100  (by     the   end of 2012);
  • Ethnic Group: Zhuang、Yi、Yao、Miao、Han.
  • Post Code: 663300
  • Phone Area Code :0876
  • The Prefix of Motor Vehicle License Plate : 云H
  • The Prefix of Citizen Identity Card Number: 532627
  • Area Coverage:7810square kilometers
  • Seat of Government:  Liancheng town  莲城镇



The seat of Guangnan, known today as Liancheng (莲城镇), was the heart of the Gouding Kingdom (句町) that lasted approximately 400 years, from 111 BC to 316 AD. In 17th February, 1949, the Guangnan government was established and under Wenshan jurisdiction.



Guangnan County locates on the southeast of Yunnan Province, in the north of Wenshan, bordering among Yunnan, Guangxi and Guiyang. Bordering on Funing County in the ease, adjacent to Xichou County, Malipo Counry in the south. Bordering to Qiubei County, Yanshan County, Yanshan County in the west. The terrain of Guangnan County tilts from the southwest to the northeast. North trends to the South, the mountain cutting each other. So that the landform comes into being mountains, mid-levels district, hills, flat area.

The average altitude is 1280 within the Guangnan county, the highest altitude is 2035 which is called Damaidi Mountain, the lowest altitude is 420 which locates in the Anwo Village of Banbang Town. Mountainous area and the mid-mountainous area account for 94.7% of the total land area. There are 100 flatland with 1km, the area of flatland account for 5.3% of the total land area. Located at the border of Yunnan Province and Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, Guangnan is a typical karst area.



Guangnan's climate is classified as warm and temperate. Guangnan is a city with a significant rainfall. Even in the driest month there is a lot of rain. According to Köppen and Geiger, this climate is classified as Cfa. The average temperature in Guangnan is 17.8 °C. The rainfall here averages 1088 mm. The prefecture enjoys a plateau monsoon climate at low altitude having distributions of six climatic types, ranging from the north subtropical zone to the middle temperate zone. It has clear dry and humid seasons. May to October is the rainy season gathering over eighty percent of wenshan's rainfall throughout the year. Most of the region has a favorable climate without winter chilliness and summer heat. May to September is the best season to visit the county, but umbrella and one or two wraps are necessary in case the weather changes.



Highways are the major means of transportation in Guangnan county. Also you can choose the air and high-speed rail. Almost all buses of the two Passenger Transportation Stations are installed with air-conditioners, and are in good conditions.



There is no luxury hotel or star hotel in Guangnan County, but the budget hotel and guest house. You can choose the hotel according to your requirement. 



There is much to see or to do in Guangnan County. Travelers, especially visitors who are inclined to countryside trip always regard Bamei Village as the paradise. The magnificent landscape around Bamei can be compared with the impressive and famous Karst landscape of Yangshuo in the Guangxi province. It seems that over hundreds of years the secluded village of Bamei was forgotten by the outside world. 


Ethnic Culture

Guangnan is a unified multi-ethnic county inhabited mainly by the Han and Zhuang. All the industrious and intelligent ethnic groups have lived together in harmony and built an idyllic paradise. Bamei Village is the remarkable and advisable Zhuang village for you to visit.


What to Eat in Guangnan

  • Bahang Chicken(岜夯鸡) 
  • Hummus Meat (豆沙肉) 
  • Five-color Glutinous Rice (花糯饭)
  • Bean Tsamba(糍粑)


What to Buy in Guangnan

  • Zhuangs Five-color Glutinous Rice(壮家花糯米)
  • Bacon Trotter Gear (腊猪脚)
  • Guangnan  Bamboo-tube Tea(Guniang Tea )广南竹筒茶
  • Guangnan Baoba Rice (广南八宝米)
  • Nalang  Wine (那榔酒)