History of Babao Town in Guangnan County, Wenshan

This area dates back to the Ming dynasty beginning in the mid 1300s. The main crop in this area is rice and during the fall, the entire area appears golden and green because of the rice fields, which are divided by the Babao River. The assorted peaks of lush green and black, combined with the winding River and the golden rice fields, make this spectacular area look like something out of an imaginary fantasy land.

1988, the Provincial People’s Government approval for the province’s scenic spots Babao first provincial-level scenic spots.

Babao is a scenic spot in the subtropical monsoon climate plateau, with an average temperature of 16.5 ℃, into mountains, water, forests, springs, for one hole, tourism and popular science, research and scientific exploration of the multi-functional scenic area. Area is divided into Babao, December 3, River also, Tupper, Tang satisfied that the five Area, 43 spots. Scenic Area to landscape scenery, National Customs as the main body, both unique landscape, heritage sites. Of special products, the flavor of food is also renowned for.