Kunming Festivals and Events

Kunming Festivals and Activities give a brief introduction of festivals and activities in Kunming, and tell travelers what to do for Kunming Festivals Tours. Kunming is a typical multi-ethnic City. Various ethnic minorities have created colorful festivals in Kunming. Besides, there are many activities in Kunming.

Festivals in Kunming

Besides some Chinese traditional festivals, like New Year's Day(January 1), Spring Festival(usually in late Jan. or early Feb.; February 5, 2019), Lantern Festival(The fifteenth day of the first lunar month), Tomb Sweeping Day(15 days after the Spring equinox; April 5, 2019), Dragon Boat Festival(The fifth day of the fifth lunar month; June 7, 2019) and Mid-Autumn Day(The fifteenth day of the eighth lunar month; September 13, 2019), there are many ethnic festivals in Kunming.

Date Festivals Ethnic Group
The 2nd day to 7th day of the first lunar month Caihuashan/Huashan Festival(踩花山/花山节) Miao minority
The 1st day to the 3rd day of the 2nd lunar month Hunting God Festival/Lieshen Festival(猎神节) Yi minority
The 3rd day of the 3rd lunar month San Yue San(三月三) All ethnic groups in Kunming
In the middle of April(Lasting 3-7 days) Water-Splashing Festival Dai minority
On the 24th day of the 6th lunar month The Torch Festival Yi minority
In eleventh lunar month Mizhi Festival(密枝节) Sani people of Yi minority
In late February Munao Zongge Festival celebrated in Yunnan Ethnic Villages(目瑙纵歌) Jingpo minority
In late February Sanduo Festival(三朵节) celebrated in Yunnan Ethnic Villages Naxi minority
On April 16- 19 Shankang Festival(山抗节) celebrated in Yunnan Ethnic Villages Blang minority
On May 7- 8 Dengba Festival(登巴节) celebrated in Yunnan Ethnic Villages Tibetan minority
In early August Kuzhazha(矻扎扎节) celebrated in Yunnan Ethnic Villages Hani minority
In the middle of October Xinmi Festival(新米节) celebrated in Yunnan Ethnic Villages Wa minority

Activities in Kunming

Among all the activities in Kunming, one that is quite popular and grand is the golden temple fair. Golden temple fair is an ancient traditional folk, religious and cultural activity, whose purpose is praying for the New Year. The "golden temple fair" on the ninth day of the first lunar month has a history of more than 400 years. Every year when the "golden temple fair" comes, people from all direction go to the Golden Temple to go on a spring outing and enjoy the delicious food there.

Date  Activities Theme
The 9th day of the first lunar month Golden Temple Fair(金殿庙会) Temple Fair
The 3rd day of the 3rd lunar month Western Hill Diaozi Meeting(西山调子盛会) Music
Every year on May 1 to 5 Kunming International Tourism Festival Tourism
Every year in n October World Horticulture Expo Horticulture
Jun 18- Jun 29, 2019 Yunnan-Taiwan Painting Exhibition Painting Exhibition
Jun 23- Oct 6, 2019 Constellation: Yunnan Oil Painting Since 1978 Oil Painting
May 18- Aug 18, 2019 The Great Southwest in Historical Records History
Jul 12- Jul 14, 2019 Kunming International Flower Expo Flower Exhibition

Festival Tours in Kunming

When it comes to festival tours in Kunming, there must be torch festival and water-splashing festival. Deemed to be "the oriental carnival", the Torch Festival is celebrated by several ethnic minorities including the Yi, Bai, Naxi, Jinuo and Lahu etc. Enjoying a long history as an important festival of these minorities, the festival exhibits quite profound cultural connotations. Although the origin of the festival is slightly different among these minorities, it takes place on lunar June 24 or 25.