Lvchun County Attractions

Attractions in Lvchun County are the combination of natural landscapes and cultural landscapes. Tourists can not only enjoy natural scenery like Huanglianshan Mountain(黄连山) nature reserve, Lixian River(李仙江) tropical rainforest and Songbi stone forest karst cave(宋壁石林溶洞群), but also experience Hani culture in Hani ethnic minority museum, Dongyang Hani folk custom park(东仰哈尼族风情园) and traditional Hani villages. Lvchun County is one of the important rice terrace counties in Honghe Prefecture. Famous Hani Rice Terraces in Lvchun County include Dongzhu Rice Terrace(侗侏梯田) and Lagu Hani Rice Terrace(腊姑哈尼梯田). More detailed information, check the following list.