Dongyang Hani Folk Custom Park in Lvchun County, Honghe

Chinese Name:绿春县东仰风情园
English Name: Dongyang Hani Folk Custom Park in Lvchun County, Honghe

Honghe Dongyang Hani Folk Custom Park in Lvchun County travel guide introduces the main attractions, entrance tickets booking, The best time to visit, How to Get there, the highlights, facts, history, photos, weather, accommodation, visiting routes, travel tips, tour maps of Dongyang Hani Folk Custom Park in Honghe(绿春县东仰风情园).

The Hani Folk-Custom Park is also called the Aluooubin Folk-Custom Park. It is located in the center of a new district being planned by the Lvchun County and only between two and three kilometers to the legendary Aluooubin Watershed. The Simao-Jinning Highway beside the park goes through and new area and reach the county seat Daxing Town directly. The clear landscapes on the two sides of the park, including green mountain ranges, terraced fields and white cloud, make the park even more beautiful and mysterious.

The entire park covers an area of 34,775 square meters and consists of eight areas of the entrance area, central square area, stage area, dining area, reception area, traditional ceremony area, terraced-field area and parking area.

In the entrance area, there is a giant rock pile. On the two sides of the area, there are two giant drums and two giant trees. After entering the park from the main entrance, you will see the landmark statue of the park: a flying silver pheasant. The base of the statue is the giant tree of the Aluooubin Legend, which is 3.9 meters high. The two-floor round base is 0.6 meters high.

Dongmao Hani Folk Custom Park in Lvchun County, Honghe

After passing by the statue, you will reach the wide central square area. The square is a square-outside and circle-inside shape, looking neat and tight. The four corners of the square are four tea gardens where tens of thousands of tea trees are planted. Tea is very important to the Lvchun Country and is an economic pillar of the county. A very renowned tea type of the county is called the Mayu Tea, which could be a very good gift for friends. The central square is the place for holding large folk activities and the diameter of the central circle is as long as 99 meters. It is the largest central square in the whole prefecture, and there is also a music fountain with a diameter of 50 meters on the square.

In the center of the park is a mushroom building with strong Hani flavor. Its structure was mainly made of wood. The pillars and crossbeams are all very thick. The house is very dry, warm in the winter and cool in the summer. On the first floor are a cultural activity room, a reference room and the office of the Tourism Bureau of the Lvchun County. On the second floor are a folk-custom exhibition hall and two multi-functional exhibition halls. On the third floor are mainly a library and some reading rooms.

Since designers of the park attached great importance to the greening of the park in the beginning, the current green area of the park is 18,938 square meters and the greening ratio of the park is as high as 56.9 percent. On the two sides of the green stone road, various kinds of trees, including the various palm trees and spindle tree ferns, are planted, and you could smell the tinges of spring anywhere. There are also some small reception buildings in the woods for tourists, which are made of raw woods and mud outside but have modern facilities inside. Beside the reception buildings, there are also amusement facilities, such as the traditional Moqiu square of the Hani nationality and folk activity square, for tourists to participate in the folk activities of the Hani nationality personally.

The traditional ceremony platform is at the traditional ceremony area of the park. The semicircular-shape platform all various nationalities to held their various ceremonies is in the center some small-leaved banian trees and giant rocks. Tourists could personally participate in the ceremonies of the Hani nationality’s June Festival, October New Year and Dragon Worshiping Festival.

The dining area of the park is a relatively large mushroom building. It has five floors, each of which has a mushroom-like cover. The building covers an area of more than 600 square meters and is well equipped with dining facilities. Tourists could enjoy real Hani food and the wine named Mountain Spring made by the Hani people.