Lvchun County Festivals and Events

There are Hani, Yi, Yao, Dai, Lahu and Han, etc, ethnic groups living in Lvchun County. Hani people are main ethnic minority people in Lvchun County, making up 87.4% of total population. There are some festivals and activities in Lvchun County you should notice, in particular, Hani festivals and activities.

Festivals in Lvchun County

1. Grasshopper Catching (Zhuomazha) Festival捉蚂蚱节

Grasshopper Catching festival is a traditional festival of Hani people in Lvchun County. It is celebrated in the first day of Rooster or Monkey(第一个属鸡日或属猴日) after the 24th day of 6th lunar month. The festival means to eliminate insect pest and pray for a good harvest.

2. Kuzhazha Festival苦扎扎节

Celebrated in the middle of the 6th lunar month, Kuzhazha Festival is also called June festival. It is one of the grandest traditional festivals of Hani people as hilarious as Spring Festival of Han people. Its main activities are playing the swing, wrestling, singing and dancing.

3. AngMaTu Festival昂玛突

Angmatu festival is a sacrificial activity of Hani people, helding before annual spring ploughing(usually in the middle of January). To pray for a good weather for crops, good grain harvest, people and livestock are safe and sound in the coming year, Hani people prepare long street banquet, sing and dance. The event lasts 3 to 5 days.

4. Kaiyangmen开秧门

It is the traditional festival of Hani people. Kaiyangmen means the first day of seedling transplantation. At this day, Hani people wear new clothes and bring food to rice field. Accompanied by transplantation bugle, prestige people in the village pull up the first seedling to pray a good harvest, then people begin to pull up and transplant seedlings.

5. Zhalete Festival扎勒特

Zhalete, also called October Festival(十月年), is the main festival of Hani people. It start in the first dragon day of 10th lunar month, and end in the Monkey day(属猴日), lasting 5-6 days. Similar to the Spring Festival of Han people, Zhalete is the longest and abundant festival in the whole year of Hani.

5. Xuntianba Festival巡田坝节

Celebrated on the 13rd day of the first lunar month, Xuntianba festival is the traditional festival of Dai people. The festival aims to promote agriculture and protect trees by parading. It shows the traditional virtue that Dai people attach importance to agricultural production.

Activities in Lvchun County

1. Long Street Banquet

Long street banquet means "ring out the Old Year and ring in the New Year". At the day of long street banquet, every family in the Hani villages prepares food, and puts these food into a long banquet. All people taste food, toast each other, sing and dance together. Long Street Banquet is divided into three types, village God worship long street banquet, June festival long street banquet and October festival long street banquet. It shows Hani culture, costume and musical dance.

2. Lvchun County Market

There are ethnic markets in Sanmeng township, Pinghe township, Niukong township, Qimaba township, Gekui township and Wana Village(瓦那村) of Lvchun County. The market day is counted according to traditional Chinese zodiac. Generally, people go to the market in the day of Ox and Sheep.