Long Street Banquet of Hani Ethnic Minority in Yunnan

Long Street Banquet, also known as Long Table Banquet(长街宴), is a time-honored culinary tradition prevailing among the Hani, Miao, Dong and Yi people. As an epitome of their food culture, etiquette, custom, singing and dancing, Long Street Banquet is usually held during festivals, grand occasions such as wedding ceremonies or newborn babies’ one-year-old birthday parties. Nowadays, as long as you join a group tour, you can experience this timeworn tradition all year around in the majority of Miao, Dong, Hani or Yi villages, which are mainly scattered in Southwest China, a treasure trove of minorities.

Long Street Banquet of Hani People

Over 1,600 Hani villagers in Habo Village(哈播村),Yuanyang County,Yunnan celebrate their new year in the 10th day of the 10th lunar month each year. Precluded with centuries-old rituals such as refurbishing their village gates and worship ancestors by presenting offerings in the first day, it culminates at Long Street Banquet in the second day and ends by singing and dancing in the third day. 

In 2010, the Hani people living in Lvchun County(绿春县),Yunnan hosted the longest Long Street Banquet in the world. 3050 tables were laid end to end without a gap along the street like a long dragon. Stretching over 4,000m long, this dragon accommodated over 10,000 diners. Drumbeats, singing and dancing were used to bring out carnival atmosphere. The visual spectacle made of assorted delicacies and people in their festival bests, is simply breathtaking. 

Underlying this mesmerizing event lays assorted settled rules. For instance, all of the table should be laid in the center of a square or the main street of a village, end to end without a gap, and aims to evoke the image of a dragon, a mythological auspicious animal in charge of timely rain and promises good harvest. The seating arrangement mirrors seniority, especially in the first table named “Dragon’s Head.” Just as the saying goes, birds of the same feather flock together, similar-minded Hani people of their own age, can choose the rest of the table at will. 

Long Street Banquet involves infectious drum beats, eye-popping ethnic performances and dazzling fashion show. The food is diversified and delicious; the people are very hospitable, caring and entertaining. Just imagine sitting with gorgeously dressed Hani people, sharing their assorted dishes from forests and rivers, and listening to their beautiful singing, you will feel home in a foreign land.