Pingbian County Festivals and Events

Pingbian County is dominated by Han nationality and ethnic minorities making up about 68.09% of the whole population. Ethnic minorities include Miao, Yi, Zhuang, Yao, etc, living in Pingbian County for generations. Each ethnic group in Pingbian created its own festivals. Here below are some festivals and activities in Pingbian County.

1. Colored Rice Festival of Zhuang壮族花米饭节

Colored Rice is a special type of sticky rice. Colored rice festival is an annual ethnic festival of Zhuang ethnic minority. Every year, on the first day of 6th lunar month, Zhuang people don't have to do farm work. Every family is busy with soaking and dying colorful colored rice and shares with friends and relatives. They celebrate this festival together.

2. Lion Dance (Tiaoshizi) of Miao苗族跳狮子

Lion dance is usually associated with various festivals of Miao minority. Every festival, Miao people will do Lion Dance to increase the atmosphere of the festival.

3. Zhuzhu Festival of Yao瑶族祝著节

Zhuzhu festival is the traditional festival of Yao minority. It is also called Erjiu festival二九节, Zuniang festival祖娘节, Danu festival达努节 and the Year of Yao瑶年. Danu means kindly mother. It is said that the 29th day of 5th lunar month is the birthday of Miluotuo密洛陀, the original mother of Yao people. Later on, for worship, Yao people set this day as birthday celebration day. Through historical vicissitude, the festival gradually changed from folk religious festival to harvest festival and peace festival.

4. Spring Festival of Yao瑶族春节

On every 15th day of 7th lunar month, Yao people will celebrate their grandest festival, Spring Festival. On the eve of Spring festival, every Yao family is busy with preparing the festival. The Village inside and outside is full of horns and laughter.

5. Panwang Festival of Yao瑶族盘王节

Panwang Festival is a great festival for Yao ethnic people to worship their ancestors, Pan Gu, pan Geng and Pan Hu. It has more than 1700 years history. Yao people in different areas celebrate the festival in different time, but usually in farm leisure time after autumn harvest and before Spring Festival. Festival usually lasts 3 days. At those days, Yao people wear their festival dress, they stay together, singing and dancing.

6. Huashan Festival of Miao苗族花山节

Every year, the second day of Lunar January is the traditional festival of Miao people, Huashan Festival, also known as "Caihuashan". Flower pole is the significant symbol of the festival. On this day, Miao people wear traditional costume, perform Lusheng(芦笙表演) and choose the king of flower pole.

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