Shidian County Festivals and Events

In this area we do have some notable events and festivals you should be aware of, including Tiaohui Festival of Bulang, Yangpi Festival, Dragon Boat Festival, etc. Here are some major festivals in Shidian.

1.Tiaohui Festival of Bulang(跳会)

On the seventh day of the second lunar month, all the villagers from Hazhai Village, Xindiji Village, Hangushan Village, Xiahazhai Village, Shuigoujiao Village gather at the Dage Square of Hazhai Village to attend the Tihui Festival of Blang ethnic people, which is an annual cultural activity of the Blang people.

2.Yangpi Festival(羊皮会)

It is the largest folk festival in Taiping town with the largest number of participants, also known as “Eryueyi”. The performers are all folk artists of the villages of Taiping town, such as Taipingjie Village, Keliping Village, Dongjiawan Village, etc. During the festival, they willplay dragon dance, lion dance, Caigaoqiao(踩高跷), etc.

3.Dragon Boat Festival(端午节)

The customs of the Dragon Boat Festival in Shidian is very lively, including making Zongzi, taking medicine roots, visiting flower streets and so on. And the ham Zongzi is the favorite of Shidian People. Flower street is one highlight of Dragon Boat Festival.

4.Water-splashing Festival of Dai(泼水节)

The Dai ethnic group celebrate their New Year Festival by with a number of cultural and social events of which the ceremony of Bathing the Buddha and the Water Festival where they splash water on each other. The wonderful ethnic food and elegant dance performances are prominent features of these celebrations.