Shigu Town Transportation

How to Get to Shigu Town?

From Lijiang, there are several ways to arrive at Shigu Town.

  1. Take regular bus from Lijiang Bus Station to Weixi. It passes by Stone Drum Town. The mountain where the town is located is one of the best view points to enjoy the First Bend of the Yangtze River.
  2. Take private minivans from Jinkai Square in Lijiang. It costs around CNY 20 per person.
  3. Some main hotels in the Lijiang Old Town, there is special tour bus to Shigu Ancient Town (Yangtze River First Bend).

How to travel Shigu Town?

There are two ways of traveling Shigu Ancient Town.

  1. Charter a car to Shigu Town directly.
  2. Go to Liming Laojun Mountain via Shigu Ancient Town.

Departing from Lijiang Old Town and passing Lashi Lake, and then there are two roads can lead to Shigu town, one is bypassing north side of Tiejia Mountain to Xionggu village, and going northward to the riverside then going upstream westward to Shigu; another is throwing over Tiejia Mountain from Tai’an to Baihanchang, going westward to Shigu. Two roads are all around 65 km, the first road condition is quite good, but the second road can give people a surprise that when you go the path winds along mountain ridges and suddenly Yangtze River First Bend appears. Since Qing dynasty, Shigu Ancient Town has formed quite busy market.