Tengchong Attractions

Tengchong attractions offer you a different sight of Yunnan volcano scenery and hot spring recreations, as well as rich Tengchong culture. Must-see Tengchong attractions include Heshun Ancient Town, The Cluster of Volcanoes, Rehai Hot Spring, Beihai Wetland, etc. Besides, various traditional villages in Tengchong, which  are good places to explore the ethnic culture of Yunnan. 

Top Attractions in Tengchong

Visitors to Tengchong shouldn't miss the most popular and featured attractions such as The Cluster of Volcanoes,and Rehai Hot SpringHeshun Ancient TownTengchong Confucian Temple and The Museum of Yunnan-Burmese Anti-Japanese War  are the best sites to know about the culture and history of Tengchong while Jiangdong Ginkgo Village is the highlight of the Autumn in Tengchong.