How to Get to Yingjiang County from Kunming

This article is about the transportation between Yingjiang and Kunmin. Being around 750 kilometers from the provincial capital Kunming(昆明), Yingjiang County(盈江县)is known for its marvelous ethnic culture and water scenery. It is also one of the most famous scenic areas in Yunnan, which can be easily reached by coach and plane.

How to Get to Yingjiang County From Kunming?

By Long-Distance Coach

Everyday, there will be about 2 coaches departing from Kunming West Coach Station(昆明西部汽车客运站) to Yingjiang Bus Station(盈江客运站).

Kunming-Yingjiang Coach Schedules

Departs Duration Ticket Price
16:00 13 hr 6 mins CNY 292(Seat)
20:00 18 hr 18 mins CNY 300( sleeper)

Yingjiang-Kunming Coach Schedules

Departs Duration Ticket Price
15:00 18 hr 18 mins CNY 300( sleeper)
19:00 13 hr 6 mins CNY 292(Seat)

Kunming West Coach Station
Add:No.18, Yining Road, Xishan District, Kunming City, Yunnan Province
How to Get: City Bus No. 82; No. 148; No. 153; No. 258; No. 908; No. Z102; No. Z87; No. 80; No. 151; No. 258; No. 268; No. 908; No. C143; No. K41(ranges from CNY 1 to CNY 10), Airport Express No.919 C (approximately CNY 13),Taxi
Yingjiang Bus Station
Add: Mihui Road, Yingjiang County, Dehong Dai abd Jingpo Autonomous Prefecture

By Plane

Everyday, there will be about 19 flights departing from Kunming Changshui International Airport(昆明长水国际机场) to Dehong Mangshi Airport(德宏芒市机场).

Kunming-Mangshi Airline Schedules

Flight Number Airlines Departure Arrival Duration Plane Full Price(Economy)
TV6045 Tibetairlines 14:40 16:00 1h20mins Airbus319 CNY1830
8L9935      (available on Mon./Wed./Thu.) Lucky Air 09:00 10:05 1h5mins Airbus319 CNY1670
8L9931 Lucky Air 13:35 14:45 1h10mins Beoing737 CNY1670
8L9571 Lucky Air 20:10 21:15 1h5mins Beoing737 CNY1670
8L9643 Lucky Air 12:50 14:00 1h10mins Airbus319 CNY1670
KY8345      (available on Tue./Thu./Sat.) Kunming Airlines 08:50 10:10 1h20mins Beoing737 CNY1830
KY8357 Kunming Airlines 22:00 23:05 1h5mins Beoing737 CNY1830
MU5702 China Eastern Airlines 17:25 18:35 1h10mins Beoing737 CNY1390
MU5764 China Eastern Airlines 12:15 13:20 1h10mins Beoing737 CNY1390
MU5971     (available on Mon./Wed./Fri.) China Eastern Airlines 08:25 09:35 1h10mins Beoing737 CNY1390
MU5973 China Eastern Airlines 16:15 17:25 1h10mins Beoing737 CNY1390
MU5977 China Eastern Airlines 09:40 10:50 1h10mins Beoing737 CNY1390
MU5975 China Eastern Airlines 22:05 23:10 1h5mins Beoing737 CNY1390 
MU5993 China Eastern Airlines 13:25 14:45 1h10mins Beoing737 CNY1390 
MU5995(available on Tue./Thu.) China Eastern Airlines 21:30 22:35 1h5mins Beoing737 CNY1390 
DR6501 Ruili Airlines 18:40 19:50 1h10mins Beoing737 CNY2010
DR6503 Ruili Airlines 07:15 18:20 1h5mins Beoing738 CNY2010
DR6505 Ruili Airlines 21:05 22:10 1h5mins Beoing737 CNY2010
DR6507 Ruili Airlines 14:50 16:00 1h10mins Beoing737 CNY2010
DR6509 Ruili Airlines 07:50 09:00 1h10mins Beoing737 CNY2010
DR6517 Ruili Airlines 12:05 13:10 1h5mins Beoing737 CNY2010

Mangshi-Kunming Airline Schedules

Flight Number Airline Departure Arrival Duration Plane Full Price(Economy)
KY8358 Kunming Airlines 23:45 00:50 1h5mins Beoing737 CNY1830
KY3846 (available on Thu./Sat.) Kunming Airlines 11:45 13:05 1h20mins Beoing737 CNY1830
DR6502 Ruili Airlines 20:40 21:45 1h5mins Beoing737 CNY2010
DR6504 Ruili Airlines 09:20 10:25 1h5mins Broing738 CNY2010
DR6506 Ruili Airlines 18:45 19:50 1h5mins Beoing737 CNY2010
DR6508 Ruili Airlines 23:00 00:05 1h5mins Beoing737 CNY2010
DR6510 Ruili Airlines 21:45 22:50 1h5mins Beoing737 CNY2010
DR6518 Ruili Airlines 09:55 11:05 1h10mins Beoing737 CNY2010
MU5709 China Eastern Airlines 11:50 13:05 1h15mins Beoing737 CNY1390 
MU5763 China Eastern Airlines 19:15 20:25 1h10mins Beoing737 CNY1390 
MU5972 (available on Mon./Wed./Fri.) China Eastern Airlines 10:20 11:30 1h10mins Beoing737 CNY1390 
MU5974 China Eastern Airlines  22:10 23:15 1h5mins Beoing737 CNY1390 
MU5976 China Eastern Airlines 23:50 00:55 1h5mins Beoing737 CNY1390 
MU5978 China Eastern Airlines  21:15 22:30 1h15mins Beoing737 CNY1390 
MU5994 China Eastern Airlines 22:30 23:40 1h10mins Beoing737 CNY1390 
MU5996 (available on Tue./Thu.) China Eastern Airlines 23:15 00:20 1h5mins Beoing737 CNY1390 
8L9572 Lucky Air 21:50 22:55 1h5mins Beoing737 CNY1670
8L9932 Lucky Air 12:40 13:45 1h5mins Beoing737 CNY1670
8L9936 (available on Wed./Thu./Sun.) Lucky Air 12:50 13:55 1h5mins Airbus319 CNY1670
8L9644 Lucky Air 16:45 17:50 1h5mins Beoing737 CNY1670
TV6046 Tibetairlines 12:15 13:25 1h10mins Airbus319 CNY1830

Kunming Changshui Airport
Add:Changshui Village, Guandu District, Kunming City, Yunnan Province
How to Get:  Airport Express No.919, Taxi
Dehong Mangshi Airport
Add: Fengping Town, Mangshi, Dehong Dai and Jingpo Autonomous Prefecture

Please be noted, that after you have arrived at the local airport of Mangshi City(芒市), you will still need to transfer by local coach or taxi to Yingjiang County(盈江县). Besides, this transportation method may consume more transfer time, and always cost more than coach.

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