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Snacks in Jianshui

There are many cuisines and snacks in Jianshui, among which Jianshui 18 eatings (建水十八吃) have been praised for a long time. 18 eatings in Jianshui refer to steam pot chicken, cross the bridge rice noodle, grass shoot, acid pomegranate, roasted tofu, sticky rice with lotus root, Qujiang roast duck, bird’s nest, bird’s nest porridge, bird’s nest crispy(燕窝酥), lion cake(狮子糕), ewe’s milk vegetable(羊奶菜), navel orange, crispy cucumber(脆黄瓜), steamed sweet potato bun(红薯窝窝头), sweet potato noodle(勺粉), fried rice tofu and soak pear(水泡梨). They are the enduring taste memory for Jianshui folk people.

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