Yunnan Hydropower Stations

The production of electric power is also an important component of the provincial economy. Power is generated by both thermal and, increasingly, hydroelectric plants. Two major hydropower stations were completed on the Mekong (Lancang) River since the late 1990s, at Manwan and Dachaoshan. Construction began on a third dam on the river, at Xiaowan, in 2002. Yunnan produces a surplus of electricity, which is exported to neighbouring provinces. The six water systems in Yunnan are the basic support for the development of Yunnan Hydropower Stations.

Major Hydropower Stations in Yunnan

Station Name in Chinese Coordinates River Total Capacity (MW) Dam Height (meters) Status Units
Xiangjiaba Hydro Power Station 向家坝水电站 28°38′41″N 104°23′32″E Yangtse (Jinsha) 7,750 161 Operational 8*800MW, 3*450MW
Xiluodu Hydro Power Station 溪洛渡水电站 28°15′06″N 103°39′34″E Yangtse (Jinsha) 13,860 278 Operational 18*770MW
Baihetan Hydro Power Station 白鹤滩水电站 27°13′22″N 102°54′10″E Yangtse (Jinsha) 16,000 289 Under construction 16*1,000MW
Wudongde Hydro Power Station 乌东德水电站 26°20′02″N 102°37′48″E Yangtse (Jinsha) 10,200 270 Under construction 12*850MW
Yinjiang Hydro Power Station 银江水电站 26°35′17″N 101°45′59″E Yangtse (Jinsha) 345   Proposed  
Jinsha Hydro Power Station 金沙水电站 26°34′24″N 101°38′34″E Yangtse (Jinsha) 560 66 Under construction  
Guanyinyan Hydro Power Station 观音岩水电站 26°31′13″N 101°26′15″E Yangtse (Jinsha) 3,000 159 Operational 5*600MW
Ludila Hydro Power Station 鲁地拉水电站 26°12′01″N 100°48′54″E Yangtse (Jinsha) 2,160 140 Operational 6*360MW
Longkaikou Hydro Power Station 龙开口水电站 26°31′57″N 100°24′58″E Yangtse (Jinsha) 1,800 119 Operational 5*360MW
Jin’anqiao Hydro Power Station 金安桥水电站 26°48′27″N 100°26′52″E Yangtse (Jinsha) 2,400 160 Operational 4*600MW
Ahai Hydro Power Station 阿海水电站 27°19′59″N 100°30′27″E Yangtse (Jinsha) 2,000 138 Operational 5*400MW
Liyuan Hydro Power Station 梨园水电站 27°39′36″N 100°17′12″E Yangtse (Jinsha) 2,400 155 Operational 4*600MW
Xulong Hydro Power Station 旭龙水电站   Yangtse (Jinsha) 2,400   In plan 4 x 600
Benzilan Hydro Power Station 奔子栏水电站   Yangtse (Jinsha) 2,100   In prep 4 x 555
Mengsong Hydro Power Station 勐松水电站 21°48′46″N 101°10′17″E Lancang 600 65 In plan  
Jinghong Hydro Power Station 景洪水电站 22°03′06″N 100°46′01″E Lancang 1,750 108 Operational 5*350MW
Nuozadu Hydro Power Station 糯扎渡水电站 22°38′17″N 100°25′56″E Lancang 5,850 261.5 Operational 9*650MW
Dachaoshan Hydro Power Station 大朝山水电站 24°01′30″N 100°22′12″E Lancang 1,350 111 Operational 6*225MW
Manwan Hydro Power Station 漫湾水电站 24°37′17″N 100°26′53″E Lancang 1,500 132 Operational 5*300MW
Xiaowan Hydro Power Station 小湾水电站 24°42′19″N 100°05′32″E Lancang 4,200 292 Operational 6*700MW
Gongguoqiao Hydro Power Station 功果桥水电站 25°35′09″N 99°20′09″E Lancang 900 105 Operational 4*225MW
Miaowei Hydro Power Station 苗尾水电站 25°51′20″N 99°09′40″E Lancang 1,400 139.8 Operational 4*350MW
Dahuaqiao Hydro Power Station 大华桥水电站 26°18′24″N 99°08′29″E Lancang 900 106 Operational 4*225MW
Huangdeng Hydro Power Station 黄登水电站 26°33′35″N 99°07′11″E Lancang 1,900 203 Operational 4*475MW
Tuoba Hydro Power Station 托巴水电站 27°10′52″N 99°08′55″E Lancang 1,250 158 In prep  
Lidi Hydro Power Station 里底水电站 27°50′24″N 99°02′01″E Lancang 420 74 Operational 3*127MW
Wunonglong Hydro Power Station 乌弄龙水电站 27°57′00″N 99°54′55″E Lancang 990 137.5 Operational 3*330MW
Gushui Hydro Power Station 古水水电站 28°36′19″N 98°45′26″E Lancang 1,800 310 In plan  
Ganlanba Hydro Power Station 橄榄坝水电站 27°57′00″N 99°54′55″E Lancang 155 60.5 In plan 5*31MW
Sinanjiang Hydro Power Station 泗南江水电站 23°05′38″N 101°52′25″E Sinan 201 115 Operational 3*67MW
Madushan Hydro Power Station 马堵山水电站 23°02′46″N 103°17′05″E Red 300 105.5 Operational 3*100MW
Malutang Hydro Power Station 马鹿塘水电站 23°01′03″N 104°44′39″E Panlong 240 154 Operational 3*80MW
Lubuge Hydro Power Station 鲁布革水电站 24°51′58″N 104°34′48″E Beipan River 600 103.8 Operational 4*150MW
Longjiang Hydro Power Station 龙江水电站 24°14′23″N 98°06′41″E Long River 240 110 Operational  
Gelantan Hydro Power Station 戈兰滩水电站 22°42′08″N 102°03′27″E Lixian River 390 113 Operational 2*120MW
Longma Hydro Power Station 龙马水电站 22°52′31″N 101°38′50″E Lixian River 240 135 Operational 3*80MW
Shimenkan Hydro Power Station 石门坎水电站 23°01′18″N 101°29′55″E Lixian River 130 111 Operational 2*65MW
Yayangshan Hydro Power Station 崖羊山水电站 23°06′05″N 101°23′41″E Lixian River 120 88 Operational 2*60MW
Tukahe Hydro Power Station 土卡河水电站 22°33′31″N 102°18′38″E Lixian River 165 59.2 Operational 3*55MW
Jufudu Hydro Power Station 居甫渡水电站 22°54′11″N 101°46′23″E Lixian River 295 95 Operational 3*95MW

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