Xiaowan Hydropower Station in Fengqing County, Lincang

Xiaowan Hydropower Station

Xiaowan Hydropower Station is located in the middle and lower reaches of the Lancang River in Fengqing County and Nanrun County of Yunnan Province, 49 km from  the county seat. Lancang River and Heihui River rush to the station, forming the fantastic landscape on the bank. It offers the sights of clusters of peaks, deep valley and rare animals in the forest. With a thin double curved arch concrete dam and a maximum height of 292m, Xiaowan is the important place of Lancang River.

Where is Xiaowan Hydropower Station?

Xiaowan Hydropower Station is located in Xiaowan Town, northeast of Fengqing County, Lincang City. It is 49 km from county seat of Fengqing. 

Electricity Landmark Pojects

Xiaowan Hydropower Station on October 25, 04 one year ahead of schedule to achieve in damming the river. This marks the Xiaowan Hydropower Project has entered the 292 meters of concrete arch dam hyperbolic excavation and pouring the foundation stage.

The Xiaowan Hydropower Station is planning steps Lancang River in the middle and lower reaches of the second level, power plants built 4.2 million kilowatt capacity, the generating capacity of 18.853 billion, according to the State Development Planning Commission and the request of the Government of Yunnan Province, in 2005 damming the river, by the end of 2010 the first generating unit.

Xiaowan Hydropower Station started on January 20, 2002, power plants will be built a capacity of the reservoir 14.914 billion cubic meters, and power generation based both flood control, irrigation, shipping, such as sediment and Comprehensive Utilization of the effectiveness of the Lancang River lower reaches of the “leading reservoir.” Here Dam geological conditions favorable terrain, suitable for the construction of the high dam library, 292 meters long and the Xiaowan Hydropower Station, a multi-year regulating water resources, and is all the cascade hydropower stations in the middle and lower reaches of the highest one, by the concrete dam hyperbolic Gong dam, the dam toe plunge pool and two bars, the left bank of the right bank of a spillway and underground water power station.

What to See

Xiaowan Town is rich in natural resources. The main economic crops are tea, walnut, pepper, apple, persimmon, jujube, etc. There are the world’s most tea tree kings in the world, the ancient road Qinglong Bridge, and three small reservoirs, namely Huangcaoba Reservoir, Ganshaba Reservoir amd Fanxinhe Reservoir.

Ethnic Culture

Associated with the modern architecture, Xiaowan enjoys the unique and full-featured ethnic culture. It is the representative of high-quality and full-featured construction of small towns in Lincang, also the cornerstone for the development of Xiaowan tourism and the development of private economy. As the predecessor of the Xiaozu Township of the Yi nationality, it has a long history of Yi culture. Some villages still use Yi language, wear costumes, and the Yi people’s torch festival is a relatively grand festival. The Miao ethnic minority is a relatively characteristic ethnic minority living in the territory. They retain the traditional costumes and customs, use their own language and believe in Christianity.

Useful Travel Tips

To the natural scenery of Xiaowan Power Station, you should have an understanding of the natural landscape of Xiaowan Power Station before the departure of Fengqing Scenic Spot. If you follow the tour group, the tour guide will explain the human geography of the natural landscape of Xiaowan Power Station. If it is a self-guided tour, you must refer to the natural scenery of Xiaowan Power Station. Finally, it is essential to travel with friends and relatives, and use photos to record the joyful mood of the natural scenery in Xiaowan Power Station.