Fengqing County Festivals and Events

Fengqing county, Yunnan province, is known as a place of tea produce, is a major tea producing county. It produces pure big-leaf tea. Fengqing county is the origin of Dianhong black tea, is the hometown of Dian Hong. The king of tea, which is in Jinxiu village(锦绣山村), Fengqing county, has been 3200 years of history.

Tea Festival(茶叶节)

In order to strengthen the communication of tea culture and the exchange of economy and trade, Fengqing county holds tea festival every year in May, which has a history of more than 20 years. The tea festival provides a platform for communication, advertising the tea culture of Fengqing, developing tourism resources and promoting economic exchanges and mutual assistance.

Fengfu Mingmen Tea house(凤府茗门茶楼)

Fengfu Mingmen Tea House is the only Chinese tea house of Ming and Qing style in Fengqing county. You can enjoy the tea art and the service of the tea specialist. Of course, you can also buy tea products here.

The Torch Festival (火把节)

The torch festival is an ancient traditional festival of the minorities like Yi(彝族), Bai(白族), Naxi(纳西), Jinuo(基诺族), Lahu(拉祜族). It has profound folk culture connotation and it is called "Oriental carnival". Different ethnic groups hold the torch festival at different times, but mostly on the 24th of the 6th lunar month. The main activities are bullfighting, sheep fighting, cockfighting, horse racing, wrestling, singing and dancing, beauty contest and so on.