China Lincang (Fengqing) Black Tea Festival

Chinese Name:中国临沧(凤庆)红茶节
English Name: China Lincang (Fengqing) Black Tea Festival

Lincang (Fengqing) Black Tea Festival was firstly held in Fengqing County, Lincang, China, 2016, hosted by China Tea Circulation Association, Yunnan Tea Circulation Association Lincang Tea Association and Fengqing Tea Association, and mainly discussed reservation and development of ancient tea tree.

Fengqing has the reputation of “County of Yunnan Black Tea in the world”. Fengqing County is located in south-west of Yunnan. It’s the core original area of Chinese tea tree with long history of tea planting and producing.

There is a 3200 years old tea tree—Jinxiu King of Tea Tree. What’s more, it is a GenBank of tea tree because of reservation of over 1600 samples of tea tree varieties in the world.Yunnan Black Tea was born here in 1939, and was given to British Queen and President of Sri Lanka as gift. Fengqing deserved the name of “County of Yunnan Black Tea in the world”.

Translated by Brett Mo