Honghe County Climate

Honghe county is tropical monsoon climate, with obvious three dimensional climate. There is a saying "one mountain with four seasons, ten miles with different weather". It often appears less rain and droughty in winter and spring, more rain in summer and autumn. Torrential flood happens occasionally.

1. Temperature and Precipitation

The annual temperature is 11.2-23.4°C because of three-dimensional climate. The rainfall varies considerably in different areas, low mountain and valley area in the north is 700-900 mm, mountainous area in the south is 1500-2000 mm. The annual average precipitation is 1340 mm.

2. The Best Time to Visit Honghe County

Every year, after autumn, Hani people make the water drain into fields to raise the fields. In the middle of December, wild cherry blossom are in bloom, there are wild cherry blossom and palm trees in the fields and the edge of fields. In February, cherry blossom, peach flowers, pear flowers, plum flowers and azalea bloom one after another. There are sea of clouds in the early morning. Until the middle of March, this period is a good time for photography lovers.