Yuanyang Hani Rice Terraces Tours in March

Yuanyang Hani Rice Terraces Weather and Climate in March

When you travel to Yuanyang Hani Rice Terraces in March. The weather in Yuanyang belongs to subtropical monsoon season, the average Maximum temperature in Yuanyang Hani Rice Terraces in March lies around 20°C (68°F), the average minimum temperature(usually the minimum temperature is noted during the night) in Yuanyang Hani Rice Terraces in March is 2.2°C(36°F). In the spring time, the cattle is working in the rice fields, the local Hani people is transplanting rice seedlings and after several days, the whole rice terraces turn into green which looks so lively together with green mountains. 

Historical Yuanyang Hani Rice Terraces Average Daily Temperatures in March

March   Average High  Average Low 
1 13.3°C /56°F 2.2°C /36°F
2 13.9°C /57°F 2.8°C /37°F
3 13.9°C /57°F 2.8°C /37°F
4 13.9°C /57°F 2.8°C /37°F
5 14.4°C /58°F 2.8°C /37°F
6 14.4°C /58°F 3.3°C /38°F
7 14.4°C /58°F 3.3°C /38°F
8 15°C /59°F 3.3°C /38°F
9 15°C /59°F 3.3°C /38°F
10 15°C /59°F 3.9°C /39°F
11 15°C /59°F 3.9°C /39°F
12 15.6°C /60°F 3.9°C /39°F
13 15.6°C /60°F 3.9°C /39°F
14 16.1°C /61°F 4.4°C /40°F
15 16.1°C /61°F 4.4°C /40°F
16 16,7°C /62°F 4.4°C /40°F
17 16.7°C /62°F 5°C /41°F
18 17.2°C /63°F 5°C /41°F
19 17.2°C /63°F 5.6°C /42°F
20 17.8°C /64°F 5.6°C /42°F
21 17.8°C /64°F 5.6°C /42°F
22 17.8°C /64°F 6.1°C /43°F
23 18.3°C /65°F 6.1°C /43°F
24 18.3°C /65°F 6.7°C /44°F
25 18.9°C /66°F 6.7°C /44°F
26 18.9°C /66°F 6.7°C /44°F
27 18.9°C /66°F 7.2°C /45°F
28 18.9°C /66°F 7.2°C /45°F
29 19.4°C /67°F 7.2°C /45°F
30 20°C /68°F 7.8°C /46°F
31 20°C /68°F 7.8°C /46°F

What to Wear for a March Yuanyang Hani Rice Terraces

Spring in Yuanyang comes early, during January to March, there are some temperature changes between day and night. So T-shirts, long-sleeved shirts as well as thin jackets are needed.

Main Attractions in March Yuanyang Hani Rice Terraces

  • Duoyishu Rice Terraces Fields
    This scenic area is the best site to watch sunrise over the vast rice paddies, sea of clouds and enjoy harmonious Hani folk life. In spring, local Hani people and cattle are working in the fields, and the whole terraces turn into green. 
  • Laohuzui Rice Terraces Fields
    From November to April, the terraces are in irrigation period. To enjoy the breathtaking natural view in Laohuzui (Tiger Mouth) Rice Terrace.
  • Hani Folk Village
    Qingkou Hani Ethnic Village is noted for the harmony gained among forests, village, terraced fields and water conservation system. A museum has been established to showcase the culture and history of the Hani People.
  • Mushroom-shaped Houses
    As the shaped like mushrooms, here is the name: Mushroom-shaped Houses. It was built by stones or bricks and use thatch to cover roof with a four-slope shape. Living in the delicate and beautiful mushrooms rooms, people will never feel cold in Winter or hot in Summer, which is quite comfortable to stay.

Useful Travel Tips for Your Yuanyang Hani Rice Terraces Tour in March

  • The weather forecast of Yuanyang on the Internet may be not exact because the weather of the rice terraces area is always changeable and unpredictable. 
  • The temperature here varies greatly between day and night. Please pay attention to keep warm especially in early morning or at night.
  • Tickets Prices:  
    The day ticket is CNY 100 (including Duoyishu, Bada, Laohuzui Scenic Areas and Jingkou Folk village).
    The through ticket is CNY 180 ( you can visit the above four scenic areas in ten days of validity).
    The annual ticket is CNY 360 ( you can visit the above four scenic areas in one year of validity).
  • Travelers can come all the year round and for photographers, the best time is from November to March of next year. From November to April the entire field is irrigated with spring water from the forest above to rejuvenate and getting prepared for the next season. During that period, there is no rice in fields and the flooded paddies are bright with perfect effect of light and shadow.

Yuanyang Hani Rice Terraces Weather and Climate by Month

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