Menghai County Shopping

Menghai County Shopping has a wide choice of local products due to its tropical monsoon climate. So there are plentiful products like Puer tea and rare medicinal herbs, etc. You can also purchase some local handicrafts and Black Pottery. 

What to Buy in Menghai County?

1. Puer Tea

Menghai County is home to Puer Tea. A 800-year old tea tree, renowned as King of the Tea Trees, grows in Nannuo Mountain. Due to the high altitude and good climate, the tea leaves grow relatively early and its drinks are slightly astringent but with quick and lasting sweet aftertaste.

2. Menghai Rice

Menghai is the national grain production bases and sugar base. Four seasons are suitable for rice growing here. Menghai Rice is rich in nutrients, which is one of the staple foods of the Chinese people. 

3. Coffee

Yunnan produces 98% of the country’s coffee. The unique geography high above sea level and the differences between the temperature during the night and day creates the original character of Yunnan coffee – “Fruity fragrance, rich but not bitter, and aromatic but not overwhelming”, reflecting the beauty of the Yunnan.

4. Amomum Villosum(砂仁)

Amomum villosum is produced in Xishuangbanna, Yunnan, especially the Keno Hill area inhabited by Jinuo people. It is an evergreen plant in the ginger family. The pods are used in Chinese herbology to treat stomachache and dysentery and in Chinese cuisine for flavour.

5. Dai Black Pottery

Black pottery is the traditional handwork product of the Dai minority nationality. Local black pottery wares include earthen jug, jar, vase, smoking set, tea set and so on. They are carved delicately with patterns of primitive simplicity, which makes they perfect souvenirs.