Fuhai Pu-erh Tea



Menghai County Fuhai Tea Factory(勐海福海茶厂) is located in Erhai County, Xishuangbanna Dai Autonomous Prefecture, Yunnan Province, China. This is the famous Pu’er tea origin and core producing area. The predecessor of Fuhai Tea Factory(福海茶厂)was Menghai Xinghuo Tea Factory(勐海星火茶厂). It was established in 1983 by the management staff and technical backbone of Menghai Tea Factory.At that time, it specialized in producing black teas such as CTC black broken tea and Kung Fu black strip tea.During this semi-fermentation process for producing black tea, the Pu-erh tea full-fermentation process was gradually developed and improved by the Fuhai Tea Factory. In 1998, in order to meet the needs of Pu’er tea market development, it was renamed as Fuhai Tea Factory in Menghai County, which specialized in producing Pu’er tea.


In 2004, the Fuhai Tea Factory(福海茶厂) invested more than 26 million yuan to build a new factory three kilometers east of Menghai County, covering an area of ​​more than 60 acres.  It is far away from the famous tea mountain “Nannuo Mountain”. The plant is surrounded by mountains and clear water. The water protection forest of the tea village in the village is free from any pollution source. It is an excellent place to produce and store high-quality Pu’er tea.  At present, Fuhai Tea Factory(福海茶厂) has fixed assets and liquidity of 36 million yuan. It not only has advanced tea-making equipment, traditional tea-making technology and strong technical force, but also has a 5000-mu tea raw material base near Banzhang Mountain in Brown Mountain Township. The annual processing and production of various types of Pu’er tea reaches 2000-2500 tons. 

Brand Honors

In September 2006, the “Yunnan Image Pu’er Tea” produced by Fuhai Tea Factory(福海茶厂) was selected as the first tea king of the Pu’er tea. In the same year, nearly 600 tons of organic arbor green cakes produced from wild arbor and ancient tree tea were exported to South Korea

In 2008 the China (Beijing) International Tea Fair, Fuhai Puer(福海普洱) won the title of “Top Ten Best Selling Brands of Pu’er Tea” in China.

In November 2011, Fuhai products were permanently collected by the Provincial Archives.

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