Li Linquan – Representative Inheritor of Yi Costume-competition Festival Project in Yongren County, Chuxiong 

Name: Li Linqian

Gender: Male Ethnicity: Yi

Date of Birth: 1950

Place of Birth: Beiqie Community, Zhiju Village, Zhonghe Township, Yongren County, Chuxiong Yi Autonomous Prefecture, Yunnan Province.

Li Linqian is a representative inheritor of the Saizhuang Festival of the Yi ethnic group. (楚雄州永仁县中和乡直苴村赛装节项目代表性传承人 – 李林全)

The Saizhuang Festival is an annual traditional festival of the Yi ethnic group in Yongren Zhiju, Chuxiong Prefecture, focusing on inheriting and showcasing the splendid traditional costumes of the Yi ethnic group, integrating song, dance, and music into a major Yi festival.

Since the age of 9, Li Linqian has been learning the customs, production, and playing of traditional Yi costumes with his grandfather Li Yinghai and his uncle Li Gen. He learned to play ethnic folk instruments such as the gourd flute, bamboo flute, leaf, and bilu. At the same time, he is also a well-known local craftsman specializing in the processing and making of “Yi sheepskin coats,” which are renowned far and wide. He is an important organizer of the Saizhuang Festival of Yongren Zhiju Yi ethnic group.

Over the years, he has trained more than 60 Yi ethnic folk artists such as Li Lin’an, Yang Yonghai, Yin Xiaoping, Li Haixue, and Li Xinghai, and passed on the complete set of Saizhuang Festival customs and rituals to young Yi people in the local area. He has organized and held the Saizhuang Festival activities several times. He has led local Yi people to participate in major ethnic cultural and artistic activities held at the provincial, prefectural, and county levels on numerous occasions, making positive efforts to promote the understanding of the Saizhuang Festival of Yongren Zhiju Yi ethnic group at home and abroad, and contributing significantly to the protection and inheritance of excellent traditional Yi culture.