Yongren County Shopping

Yongren County is rich in natural resource and land resources, so it has nurtured many unique specialty products. We will tell you detailed information about Yongren local products.

What to Buy in Yongren County?

1. Yongren Walnut (永仁核桃)

The walnut of Yongren County has a long planting history, and features "large in size, thin shell, kernel in white, sweet flavor, high kernel ratio and rich nutrition".

2. Juque Antique Inkstone (苴却古砚)

Juque antique inkstone, known as the famous Chinese inkstone, won the gold medal at the Panama International Exposition as early as the beginning of the last century.

3. Luoshuidong Cherry (落水洞樱桃)

Luoshuidong Cherry is a specialty of Weidi Township, Yongren County. Luoshuidong cherry is big, sweet, colorful, has become a brand name of Yongren.

4. Yongren Truffle (永仁松露)

In the world, there are two main producing areas of truffles, one is in Italy and France of Europe, the other is in the border area of Yunnan and Sichuan in China, which is within 200 kilometers of the center of Yongren County of Chuxiong Prefecture,which is the main producing area of Chinese truffles.

5. Yi Ethnic Paper-cuts (彝族剪纸)

The intelligent Yi ethnic ladies also give full play to their inspirations by making a variety of paper-cut artworks mainly used for decorating their costumes, bedrooms, waiting rooms, and most of the time for religious ceremonies. Patterns included are mainly plants, wild lives, and holy things in the Yi ethnic religion.

6.Tiger-head shoes of Yi ethnic people (彝族虎头鞋)

Shoes worn by ethnic minorities differ from those of the Han nationality because of the different cultures--especially religious beliefs. Yi Peopele, who worship tigers since ancient times, present the "Tiger Culture" in many aspects of their life.

Where to Buy in Yongren County?

There are lots of shopping malls, specialty markets and stores in Yongren. We select some shops with good quality and reasonable price for tourists.

1. Yongkang Local Specialty Store (永康土特产专卖店)
    Address: In the junction of Xingren Street and Jianshe Road
    Telephone: 15912937123

2. Yunnan Local Specialty Store (云南土特产专卖店)
     Address: In the junction of Jianshe Road and Xinren Street

3. Yongren County Old Department Store (永仁县老百货大楼)
     Address: In Jianshe Road of Yongding Town

4. Yongsheng Shangdu Shopping Center (永盛商都购物中心)
     Address: In the junction of Juque Road and Dongsheng Road

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