Yongren County Accommodation

We offers all kinds of hotels in Yongren County for tourists. Here we have collected where to stay in Yongren County for travelers. All hotels are with good location, cost-efficient prices and considerate services.


Yongren Hotel (永仁大酒店)
Address: No.6, Renmin Road 
Telephone: 0878-6718888

Yongren Renduo Hotel (永仁荣都大酒店) 
Address: No.1, Nanjin Road
Telephone: 0878-8990899


Yongren Jiangong Hotel (永仁建工酒店)
Address: N0.10, Huancheng East Road
Telephone: 0878-6721588

Yongren Yingtian Hotel (永仁盈天酒店)
Address: No.5, Juque Road
Telephone: 0878-6718188

Yongren Xiongye Hotel (永仁雄业酒店)
Address: No.10, Juque Road 
Telephone: 0878-8990666

Yongren Huali Hotel (永仁华丽酒店)
Address: No.37, Jianshe Road
Telephone: 18987816978

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