What to Do in Kunming for Family Tour

Family Tour can be very interesting when you are in Kunming. Yunnan is located in southwest China and is called the southern part of cloud. As the political, economic and cultural center of Yunnan, Kunming has become one of the famous scenic spots in Yunnan. Kunming is considered to be a city in spring with pleasant weather and is suitable for sightseeing all year round. Mild climate, beautiful natural scenery, numerous historical relics and rich and colorful national culture provide you with excellent reasons for visiting.  The following is a recommendation on family tour in Kunming

1. Get close to nature and watch wild animals

Yunnan Wild Animal Zoo is not only for sightseeing and leisure. It is also a vivid natural and cultural classroom. A recent trip to the Yunnan Wild Ani mals Zoo, revealed a new pastime… ‘fishing’ for tigers, lions, bears and wolves. At the ‘zoo’, 10 yuan rents a bamboo fishing pole with a slab of meat dangling from the end that is supposed to be lowered into the animal area below, where hungry animals await.

2. Learn Yunnan’s History and Culture

Yunnan Provincial Museum is located in the east section of Guangfu Road in Guandu District. As a comprehensive museum, it has rich collections of more than 200,000 pieces. For tourists, the museum can help them to know Yunnan’s history and the rich ethnic culture; for history lovers, its rich collections give them the opportunity to better understand Yunnan and the ancient Dian Kingdom’s (278 – 115BC) historical features as well as bronze culture.

3. Watch Dynamic Yunnan Evening Show

Dynamic Yunnan Evening Show is a very famous performance in Kunming and a famous brand to Yunnan. It shows the culture among various ethnic groups and the unique culture of each ethnic group.The highlight and the classical dance is the peacock dance. There will be one of the dancers performs the peacock dance. The dance will imitated the lifelike movement of the peacock with her flexible limbs. The show is aimed at telling the audience that the universe, nature and culture can be mixed together and we should cherish the strong hope to lead our life and to praise our life.

4. Exercise and Climb the Western Hills

Western Hill is a very famous mountain in Kunming. It is very suitable for parents to take their children to climb the mountain.In the western suburbs of Kunming is Western Hills. They are also called ‘Sleeping Buddha Hills’. For looked at from a distance, they have the appearance of a giant sleeping Buddha. They have also been given another name – ‘Sleeping Beauty Hills’ for the hills when viewed together look like a beautiful young lady laying beside Dianchi Lake with her face upward and her hair trailling into water. You can see the outline of her face, chest, and legs clearly.

5. Explore Minority Culture in Yunnan’s ethnic minorities

Yunnan ethnic village is a good place to learn about Yunnan ethnic minorities.the Yunnan Ethnic Village displays the diverse local ethnic culture. Villages of different styles are well arranged and show visitors their unique char m. Displaying a variety of buildings, lifestyles, and religious beliefs in the region, the village is a microcosm of Yunnan’s colorful and diverse ethnic culture.

6.Taste Kunming’s Special Food

Kunming has many famous and delicious foods, such as cross-bridge rice noodles and flower cakes.Crossing-the-bridge noodles has over 100-year history and it was listed as an intangible cultural heritage of Kunming city in 2008 to promote Yunnan food culture. It tastes delicious and nutritious, and is very popular with adults and children.

7.Bird watching in Dianchi Lake

The Dianchi Lake Scenic Area is located in the southwest part of Kunming City. Dianchi Lake is, beyond question, the center of the resort. There are numerous attractions along the lake captivating tourists.Due to the influence of climate, the winter in Kunming is warmer than that in the north, so a large number of red-billed gulls come to Kunming for winter. The beautiful red-billed gulls become a beautiful scenery beside Dianchi Lake.

8. Go shopping in Kunming

Kunming, as the capital of Yunnan, is economically developed and has many recreational places in the city. Nanping Street is a famous shopping center in Kunming.Nanping Street is a gathering of many domestic and foreign brands, especially suitable for shopping. At the same time, there are many local brands in Kunming, especially suitable for tourists to buy souvenirs here.

There are many other famous and interesting scenic spots in Kunming waiting for you to discover. You can search or consult relevant staff on the website.