Caojian Town Hot Spring Resources in Yunlong County, Dali

CaoJian Town(漕涧镇), one of the many towns which is famous with rich geothermal resource, so called the “Home of Springs” at west gate of DaLi Prefecture. Within this famous town there are 3 spring spots, locals called them as Upper-tub(Shangzaotang/上澡塘), Mid-tub(Zhongzaotang/中澡塘), Lower-tub (Xiazaotang/下澡塘), and the most famous one of these 3 is the Lower-tub spring spot, it is a spring spot combined with waterfall in the vally of CaoJian Town, XinSheng villige(新胜村), it is embraced by mountains from its 3 directions, one side meets a creek, it has Inner pond and outter pond 2 ponds.The outter ponds is also called “Cliff of Waterfall”, a string of hot water rush out and drop off high from the a crack of the cliff, with a look of flying dragon, momentum of running horses, sound of pounding thunder, what a great look of a waterfall.

The water tempreture is apoxy 80℃ at where the spring comes out, it can even boil chicken eggs. Water contains some healthy elements such as Sulpher, you can smell a great fragment from a distance far. Bath in here can cure many diseases link to rheumatism. In a very special time in season Spring of Feb 8th of chinese year called “CaoJian Tub gether”, is a relaxing time of farmings, thousands of customers near or far, gether together in here to have their wonderful bath time, rest their exauses, enjoying themselves, just like a festival which locals call it “Once upon a happy time in bath”.

From Dali to the West for 3 hours, you will arrive at the hometown of hot spring caojian dam(漕涧坝子), Yunlong County(云龙县) .When you enter the xiazaotan(下澡堂) in the west of dam, it’s like stepping into a fairyland. There is a very rare hot spring waterfall in the world. The water temperature of the source of the spring is as high as 86o. The water flow is large and the water quality is good. The spring under the waterfall merges into a hot water river with a width of 3 meters and a length of more than 3000 meters and flows into the surging Nu River(怒江). The hot spring group which is called xiazaotan(下澡堂)in folk, consists of more than ten spring holes, such as hot spring waterfall, hot water river, dieshuiyanzaotan(叠水岩澡潭), guanzaotan(官澡潭), Baisuzaotan(柏素澡潭)( (also known as Mandarin Duck(鸳鸯澡潭) ), Neigongzaotan(内宫澡潭), shengshui well (圣水井)and tangyang pool(烫羊池). It is a high-temperature pure sulfur spring, which contains 16 kinds of trace elements beneficial to human body and has the magical effect of curing diseases and skin.

Caojian xiazaotan(漕涧下澡潭) is a place far away from the noise of the city, where the mountains stretch long and unbroken and the trees are luxuriant. It’s really a place for leisure and health, you can  enjoy hot spring, Clear the heart and wash away the body and put yourself in the silence forests.  Hospitable and enthusiastic villagers of Bai, Miao, Yi, Achang and other ethnic groups are looking forward to your coming and sharing the charm of nature! 

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