Yunlong County Climate

Yunlong is located in the southern section of Hengduan Mountain. The mountains are undulating, the rivers are densely sloping, and the altitude difference is large.

The climate is warm and temperate in Yunlong County. There is more rainfall in the winter than in the summer in Yunlong County. The temperature here averages 19.3 °C. The average annual rainfall is 926 mm.

The driest month is January, with 14 mm of rainfall. With an average of 179 mm, the most precipitation falls in August.

The warmest month of the year is June, with an average temperature of 24.0 °C. January has the lowest average temperature of the year. It is 12.6 °C.

The difference in precipitation between the driest month and the wettest month is 165 mm. During the year, the average temperatures vary by 11.4 °C.

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