Yunlong County Dining

There are many different special foods in Yunlong County. When you visit in Yunlong County, never forget taste local food.

What to Eat                  

Papaya Chicken                           

In the area of Yunlong County, people use rich and delicious papaya chicken to prevent disease and cure the disease. It is also used to enter away guests from far away, to relieve fatigue and strengthen the stomach.

Nuodeng Ham

Introduced to millions of Chinese in the culinary TV series A Bite of China, Nuodeng ham has appreciated due to its special aroma and popularity visitors to Yunnan may have not known before.

Rushan (rǔ shàn 乳扇) is made of the local milk of cows. The Rushan not only has the taste only, the nourishment is abundant, implies various materials of protein, amino acids...etc.

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