Colorful Yunnan Paradise Park in Kunming

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Chinese Name:七彩云南·欢乐世界
English Name:Colorful Yunnan Paradise Park
ADDRESSHuanhu Nan Lu, Jincheng Zhen, Jinning, Kunming 昆明晋宁区晋城镇环湖南路
PHONE:(0871) 67831333

Colorful Yunnan Paradise Park is the first large theme park in Kunming, it was officially start open for tourists on 5th of July. It is located in South Huanhu Road, Jinning District, cover more than 700 mu, only 30 minutes away by car from Kunming downtown.  



Amusement Equipment

There are 81 amusement project, bringing all the best of the world’s top amusement equipment, supplied by world-class amusement equipment companies such as B&M, MACK Rides and S&S Worldwide. The park combined modern technology and Ancient Dian Culture together.





In the park, to show the beautiful Yunnan for visitors, there are two different performance. The film Flying Over Colorful Yunnan use aerial photography of Yunnan’s famous attraction with CG technology to present a really intoxicating picture. Peacock Princess is based on the classic mythological story of Dai ethnic minority, in the form of performances to show ethnic minorities life in Yunnan.





Restaurants in the park service with local Yunnan style cuisine as well as western cuisine, to meet the tastes of tourists form all around the world.





Ticket Information


Regular Pricing


Peak Pricing


Adult (1.5M+)



Children (1.0-1.5M)



Senior (Ages 65+)







Peak price of admission for high-demand dates, which include weekends,summer holidays,public holidays , and winter holidays.


Opening Time



Transport Information

Bus Line: K31, K28

Special Bus Line: 4 special bus line from Kunming city to Colorful Yunnan Paradise Park

Wujiaba Station

Panjiawan Station

Huangtupo Station

North Bus Station

Self driving



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