South Dianchi Lake Ring Road (Huanhu Nanlu Road) in Jinning District, Kunming

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Chinese Name: 昆明滇池最美环湖南路
English Name: South Dianchi Lake Ring Road (Huanhu Nanlu Road) in Jinning District, Kunming
Through the Lake-ring Road to Meet to the Beautiful “Plateau Pearl”

This is known as the most beautiful lake-ring Road was called “New South Hunan Road”, it is a waterfront landscape road in the south shore of Dianchi Lake. It start from Taishi Village, Jinning District and end at Gaohai Highway. It has a total length of 11.783 kilometers and a total of 4 lanes. It is equipped with motor vehicle lane , bicycle lane, and walk way. 

Walking through the water, it is like a landscape gallery, all the way is scenery. Looking out from the railing, the beautiful scenery of the Dianchi Lake is unobstructed.

The Ancient City No. 1 bridge, which is 1.2 meters lower than the side of the bridge on the side of the Dianchi Lake, can ensure that the two-way lane can be viewed without barriers. This two-way, four-lane landscape road is also special designed for bicycle land and walk way. You can free stop at this road for photographing. In order to allow visitors to enjoy the close view of the Dianchi Lake, a 300-meter parking landscape belt was specially designed. 

The South Huanhu Road is connect to Dongdahe Wetland, Nansha Wetland, Jinning Ancient Kingdom, Zhenghe Park and etc. scenic spot, Laotangzui, Hushan, and Wanziwan nature scenery, Taishi Village, Dianxin Village, Xiafang Ancient Town fishing village. Together, it forms the most beautiful landscape around Dianchi Lake.

Whether you are walking, cycling or driving, using any method of transportation, it is important to witness the beauty of Dianchi. The beauty of the lake road needs you to see it yourself.

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