Jinning District Shopping

Shopping is an necessary activity during traveling. Tourists can buy any specialties they want here. We list some specialties worth buying in Jinning District.

Xiyang Melon Seeds(夕阳葵花籽)

Xiyang Melon Seeds are large, full, good quality, not to eat wounds, is to receive guests and gifts of relatives and friends, very popular with the local people.

Mini Watermelon 

The flesh of Mini Watermelon has milky white, yellowish, dark yellow, light red, bright red and so on. The meat is split between the flesh and the sand. Seeds are flat, oval or oblong, smooth or cracked.

Jinning Rooster Hat(晋宁公鸡帽)

Jinning Rooster Hat is the hat decoration of the unmarried woman in Nipu (Samei People). The Yi language calls it "Sanimotu" (Sani’s hat), so the hat is similar to the chicken crown, so it is also called Jinning Rooster Hat. Every girl who has reached the age of three must wear this hat until she marries.

Where to Buy?

Xiyangxiuxiang Agricultuaral Production(夕阳秀祥农业特产 ) is located in No.6, Juqiao Road of Kunyang Subdistrict in Jining District.

Jinning Yisao Local Specialty Stores(晋宁彝嫂土特产专卖店) is located in No.27, Zhenghe Road of Jinning District.

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